How Do I Apply For R350 Grant Reconsideration? February 2024

Find below the steps by step guide on how to apply for R350 grant reconsideration.

appeal srd r350 for reconsideration appeal
appeal srd r350 for reconsideration appeal
  • Make sure you have the ID number and the phone number used to apply at hand or readily available.
  • Go straight to the website url :,
  • When there scroll down to the page, there is a button with inscription asking you to click on it to lodge an appeal or check appeal status. (Look at the images below for reference)
  • The following spaces are provided “South African ID number of the applicant” – here enter the 13 digit ID number that was used to apply for grant.
  • The next space is “phone number used to submit the application” – enter your 10 digit phone number
  • Click on the “Send Pin” button below.
  • Immediately a six digit code will be sent to automatically to you, just enter the pin code just received into the new space provided and submit.
  • Wait for the page to fully load.
  • Choose the appropriate month such as May 2023 you wish to apply for the reconsideration.
  • When you click on the respective month, you see “application status”, “decline reason” indicating the reason why the applicant was denied for that month. Then the last thing is the “appeal reason” which indicates the reason why you think they have to overturn the initial decision.
  • Choose the appeal reason that matches the decline reason.
  • For example, if you are declined for “Alternative Income Source” just choose “No alternative income source” as appeal reason. If there is no direct match, just choose any one that is closely related.
  • Click on submit button for onward submission and then your reconsideration or appeal status will now become “pending” for assessment.

SASSA Reconsideration Outcome

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SASSA reconsideration outcome shows you the final decision SASSA made after reviewing your reconsideration application or after taking a second look at your application that was declined.

o check your reconsideration outcome, please visit the website and enter the ID number and the phone number used to apply.

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There are two possible outcomes thus : Approved or Declined. If the outcome is not ready, you see Pending

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