How Long Does SRD Reconsideration Take 2023?

Many applicants would like to know how long their SRD reconsideration will take in 2023.

The reconsideration will take up to 60 to 90 days or three (3)months to complete.

This might be due to so many factors including the fact that there are a lot of applications, the investigations too could be tedious because they have to go through a lot of files and procedures to review the appealed applicants.

Since the inception of this SRD R350 grants, thousands of applicants who applied were denied for various reasons, but latter SASSA found out that, some of the databases they are using to compare and contrast and see if the applicant is in anyway receiving some form of sustenance or income were not up to date.

Due to this some applications were wrongfully denied but upon further checks, there was a change and some were approved and paid.

One of such issue had tondo with NSFAS registered. As part of the requirements for one to qualify for SRD R350 Grant, the applicant was not supposed to be receiving NSFAS.

So what SASSA does was to match the individual’s ID number with that of the NSFAS and if the applicant’s ID is found then according to SASSA, the applicant does not qualify because he or she is automatically funded.

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They did this regardless of the applicant’s current status in the NSFAS database, whether the applicant is currently funded or may be did not get admission or has completed school.

Over the recent months, they have stopped using the NSFAS as a yardstick but now relying heavily on applicant’s bank account and other payments points or wallets.

Recently, the DSD has taken over the appeal or the reconsideration applications and has said it will take 60 to 90 days to complete procedure.

dsd appeals for sassa srd r350
dsd appeals for sassa srd r350

To apply for reconsideration or appeal, use this appeal link to apply and to check your appeal status.

Those who wish to apply for reconsideration should do so within 30 days from the very date the decline status was made. S

So go ahead and do it fast 😂😂😂

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