Why is my SASSA Reconsideration still Pending 2023?

The reason why your SASSA reconsideration is still pending is because it takes longer than expected to investigate the actual cause of the decline in the first place going forward in 2023.

The independent Tribunal goes deeper than what sassa earlier did before declining the applicant.

Because of the larger size of the applicants, sometimes much is not done before deciding whether to approve or decline an applicant.

Thus why in most cases, applicants who submit their reconsideration or appeal applications see their earlier decisions overturned.

Due to this major feedback from the previous SRD R350, it is necessary to always apply for a reconsideration within the stipulated time frame.

Failing to appeal or apply for reconsideration will make the earlier decision still stand and will lead to the forfeiture of the SRD grant.

Note that if you want to check your appeal status from August 2021 up to March 2022, you have to use this link https://srd.sassa.gov.za/sc19/reconsideration and starting from April 2022, you have to use this website rather https://srd.dsd.gov.za/appeals

It has to be acknowledged that, since the number of applicants who have been declined are way higher than the expected due to the new threshold of R350 for one to qualify for the grant.

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According to sources close to SASSA, number of declined applicants is even higher than those who have been approved.

This in effect means that the number of applicants that are going to appeal or apply for reconsideration will be more and this, in simple terms, indicates more time needed to evaluate and investigate declined applications.

Thereโ€™s a petition on change.org sponsored by one Melanie for the removal of the DSD Minister Lindiwe Zulu for failing to make the SRD R350 grants easily available and accessible to applicants.

According to her, SRD R350 applicants are going through a lot of difficulties and SASSA has failed woefully in their discharge of duty and she, Lindiwe Zulu being the Minister of the Department has oversight responsibility.

The whole content of the petition is available here ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰ Petition for the removal of the DSD Minister over SASSA SRD R350 grant

You can follow the link above and sign the petition for recognition. As at the time of completing this piece, the petition had accumulated nearly 700 signatures from aggrieved applicants and those who have shown concern.

6 thoughts on “Why is my SASSA Reconsideration still Pending 2023?”

  1. Good day ma’am why is my sassa income source I’m not working no income Dec an January Decline my fam send for December money for Christmas to me to cook for our family an January they help me out with stationary an school uniform I really struggle I life from handouts from hand to mouth my daughter started high school what I don’t understand I only get child support sassa every month that don’t cover my child transport money I depend on this srd grant please look into this matter why is people get srd grant but they have 6children or more I that pay for one child get decline I really depends on this money to help take pressure little of me hope I will be considered thax God bless

  2. Hi dear people around me when they get there srd grant it goes for alcohol heart breaking we that needs that money so desperate get decline very sad ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  3. I’m very sad and disappointed about Sassa. I’m a graduate without job since 2009.the reason being for not getting a job was 2-3 experience which I do not have. I tried a business which is not doing well at all. Then came Srd grant to help us. Now my application is declined since 2022. I’m asking myself how come people who does have a good paying job and with many children still get it. But those who are desperately need it they are declined. This is so sad


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