Change Phone Number Used to Apply for SRD R350 Grant February 2024

  • Contact SASSA on their official phone number 0800601011.
  • Undergo biometric identity verification to confirm your identity.
  • Have your ID number and the new phone number you wish to change to ready.
  • After verification, expect to receive two SMS messages from SASSA.
  • Click on the unique link provided in the second SMS to change or update your SRD R350 phone number.
  • Once the change is confirmed, receive a message confirming the successful update.
  • Start using the new cellphone number to access your SRD R350 application.

Due to one or two reasons, some applicants of the ongoing reinstated SRD R350 Grant would want to change the mobile number that was used to apply in 2023.

The reasons usually cited as the cause of this request are :

  • Mobile phone lost or sim card misplaced or stolen.
  • Someone’s phone number was used to apply and the number is readily not available.

The mobile phone number is used to verify the account holder’s authenticity in changing or switching payment methods from one to another, requesting reconsideration or appeal, reinstating cancelled applications, etc.


Without having access to the number that was used to apply, it would be difficult to execute some of the things mentioned above.

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Change Phone Number Used to Apply for SRD R350 Grant
Change Phone Number Used to Apply for the SRD R350 Grant

When one visits the official website of the ongoing reinstated SRD R350 Grant, there is nowhere those who wish to change their mobile numbers are allowed to do so which has left many applicants worried.

SASSA has advised those applicants with such issues to contact Sassa on 0800601011 toll-free number but that hotline is almost impossible to get through.

What SASSA recommends is for such applicants to request a sim swap from their respective telecom operators. Sim swap deals with getting a new sim but with the same old number so that all incoming calls and other electronic messages will be directed to the newly activated sim card.

This approach will work for those who were the rightful owners of the old sim card so that with an ID card or document, they can request a new sim card.

However, in a situation where the applicant does not owe the number on the sim card or can’t even trace the owner of the lost or old number used to apply then there is absolutely nothing to do.

In that case, the applicant must have to contact SASSA on their hotline at 0800601011 for urgent assistance.

  • go to the website
  • and scroll through the pages until you reach where it is asking you to update or change your phone number and follow the instructions.
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If their hotline proves to be a challenge, you can connect with them online through their website ( or Facebook and Twitter

One key item needed for the change is the AppID, a six-digit code also called Application ID, which can be found when checking status.

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  1. I need help now ,I applied for R350 around 2022 Feb and it was that time we used take money using POSTAL SERVICE & by that time I forgot my number then now I renewed I got it so it approved 8month with dates I don’t know if I need to change something or should I hook up to pick n pay

  2. I dont know that cell number anymore same with my application id thus i cant access my grant please help as i want to change that number to my newest one

  3. My brother forgot the cell numbers that he used to apply for 350 with what shoul he do please help

  4. Hi my name is Nceba Michael Sityata I lost the sim card that has got the number I used when I was applying and I can’t remember the number anymore I would like to change to another number that is-0712346349 My ID is 6502045717088

  5. Hi can’t someone help me.
    My cell phone I loose my phone and I forgot that number that I use to pay my 350 grant. This is my new number I want to pay with please help me this is I only monthly income. Thank you

  6. I lost my SIM card that I used to apply on my application it’s been 4 Months now still trying to change online so that I can get new one


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