Alternative Income Source Identified : SASSA SRD R350 Declined Status 2024

Probably, you have applied for the SASSA SRD R350 grant and after the review an application the validation process, you were declined and the reason for the decline is “Alternative Income Source Identified” going forward in 2024.

What does this alternative income source Identified mean and what causes that and what can you do about it?

In an attempt for SASSA to make sure that only qualified applicants are paid for the unemployment grant of R350 which was introduced in the midst of the global pandemic, criteria for qualification was set out. Among the criteria was that the applicant must not be receiving any other grants or other financial support from anywhere.

This might sound okay with those who are receiving government grants or supports as it is very easy to verify from the SASSA or other government agencies responsible for such services. But it comes to those who have no identifiable sources of income or financial benefits, it will be difficult to determine.

According to SASSA, those who submitted their bank account details for payments, their bank account after verification, will also be scrutinized to make sure that such accounts do not receive at least a sum of R624 in a month.

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If it turns out that, the said bank account has been receiving regular payments or deposits, then to SASSA, that account holder does not qualify for SRD R350. This is what SASSA calls Meanstest on the assumption that the applicant must be receiving monetary support, regardless of whether the cash inflows is for whatever purpose or whom is meant for.

For many applicants who have been declined for this reason are just dumbfounded and wonders where SASSA is getting all these details from. But one thing is clear, all the information is coming from the banks. You may have to contact your bank to check your balance sheet for the last three months and look at transactions history of your account.

One advise i usually offer such applicants is not use their bank to receive any other payments, because some applicants acknowledged that some family members may send them cash through their bank account for different purposes. But here, SASSA will not consider anything apart from the cash inflows.

What Can you do if you’re declined for Alternative income source Identified

One thing is clear here, it could be a mistake from SASSA or the bank, thus why SASSA has offered affected applicants the chance to appeal or submit reconsideration application within 30 days from the day of decline.

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When you apply for reconsideration or appeal, sassa takes a second assessment of the earlier application submitted and this time around make sure that indeed, the earlier decision was truly the case or not by requesting further details. If it turns out that the initial decision is true, then then it will hold and the decline will stand, however, if it shows otherwise, then the application is approved and payments follows.

In most t cases, the reconsideration application for alternative income sources turns in favour of the applicant, because the earlier review was hastily done.

Just visit the website and follow the instructions there. When it gets to where you have to choose the reason for reconsideration, select “No alternative income source”.

The whole process of appealing or submitting reconsideration application is discussed here

28 thoughts on “Alternative Income Source Identified : SASSA SRD R350 Declined Status 2024”

    • Hi Inga I dnt know why sassa has declined my grant I received 1 payment ever since I appealed an that was it I have no uif registration I’m unemployed an I’m strugglin wit this appeal can u assist plz

  1. I have applied the first time for the sassa relief grant when it started and i was approved i dint get other income not even child grant but know this year thats past ive been declined in april june and august but i dint even work

  2. I have applied the first time for the sassa relief grant when it started and i was approved i dint get other income not even child grant but know this year thats past ive been declined so how

  3. Same just like you ,my contract at work in 2021 just expired on the 1st of August 2021. So I did claim for my UIF payments since from September 2021 until I get it cash in February 2022, after that since I fail to get another job opportunity ,since I was not working and still my card was not receiving any income after February 2022 but Sassa is still declining me and it says “Alternative income source identified” I don’t know how because I’m not receiving any income even right now.

  4. I want to Lodge my appeal for 350r srd grand because I am have sorce of income I am unemployed but I am receiving child support grand

  5. I received payment for June andJuly 2022. The rest of 2022. months was approved. Did not receive any payments. Now January 2023 state sourse of income. And February states pending. I understand that when you said backlog of work. Of changing your bank details. But wow…..

  6. I received my R350 for May and June 2022 but july, august, september october november December and January declined but February pending. But I’m not working

  7. My R350 is saying source of income identified bt I’m not receiving any money and what if u changed ur number to the person maybe receiving the money on that number but u didn’t know, so what must I do now plz help


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