Amazing ways to use srd sassa gov za R350 Grant Payment 2023


SRD Sassa gov za is the official web address and it was set up to help manage applications, check status, and appeal when the application is DENIED in 2023.

This interim social grants (Social Relief of Distress) SRD, was introduced during the peak of the global pandemic to help mitigate the economic impact on the citizens.

As a result of the nationwide lockdown, the business closed down and some employees were laid off.

srd sassa gov za online application

To apply for this grant, SASSA spelt out the qualification criteria, among which the applicant:

  • should not be employed
  • should not be receiving unemployment insurance fund (UIF) or not ualify for it either.
  • citizen of South Africa
  • Eighteen (18) years and above
  • should not be collecting any social grants or other government financial aids

This video from NewsAfrika will help a lot >>>>>

Application is done solely online and no manual or physical forms will be accepted. To apply for the grants follow these listed instructions below:

  • Visit the online portal
  • in the spaces provided “Phone Number” , enter mobile phone number you wish to apply with with.
  • Click on Send SMS. SASSA will send you a code (OTP)
  • Enter the six-digit code to continue the application.
  • In the forms that you will be provided, fill out the application form accurately especially, your ID number, date of birth and your employment status, the last time you worked etc. Just be as truthful as possible.
  • After completing the filling of the application, you can read through once again to make sure there is no mistake.
  • When it comes to the submission of payment method such as Post Office, Bank account or post bank, make sure to the correct banking details are provided. For Post Office, you can choose which location you prefer to collect your grant in case you are approved.
  • Click on the submit button to finalize the application process.
  • A notification SMS will be sent to your phone number that was used to submit the application just to confirm successful submission.
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sassa gov za
sassa gov za

After completing the application process, you can later login to the platform to manage your account and even check your account status if you are approved, pending or declined. To log in, just get your cell phone number that was used to apply and the ID number. On the website, you can use it to appeal or apply for reconsideration, submit, resubmit, or change or switch to your preferred payment methods such as from the Post office to a bank account or vice versa.

srd sassa gov za status check 2023.

srd Sassa gov za status is the process that helps you to know or track the status of your submitted application. The link provided below can be used to help you check your status.

There are three main statuses available after the application is submitted namely :

  • Pending : This happens when the submitted application is yet to be validated or considered. There is nothing necessarily wrong or you can do, just wait probably your application is being worked on.
  • Approved: This status indicates that your application has gone through all the necessary steps, verification and validation completed and that you qualify to receive payments. Check to see if you have pay dates – the date for payment. Depending on whether you have pay dates or without pay and if payment is through bank account or post office or even cash send. Bank payments are effected on the same dates found on the status but for Post Office or post bank, SASSA together with post office have made arrangements where applicants can collect their SRD grant payments depending on the last three digits of your ID number. For example, here is the Post Office Payments Dates for fir SRD R350 for January 2022.
  • Declined : This is the last and third possible status fir those who have submitted their SRD R350 grant application. What this simply means is that after verification and validation completed, per documentation submitted, the said applicant does not qualify for the unemployment grant of R350. Various reasons can account for this, and for good reason, sassa indicates the exact reason for the decline. Below are some reasons why your application can be rejected :
    1. UIF Registered
    2. NSFAS registered
    3. Alternative income source Identified
    4. Debtor
    5. Referred
    6. gov payroll etc
  • From the above list of reasons for the decline, it is only “Debtor” that cannot be appealed. The rest can be appealed or reconsidered.
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srd sassa gov za appeal OR www srd sassa gov za appeal form 2023

As discussed above, those who have been declined for whatever reason apart from the “Debtor” can appeal that decision within thirty (30)days from the date of the decline decision.

It has to be noted that, those who want to appeal their decline status will have to do so by filling an online appeal form usually refers to as a reconsideration application or to dispute decline outcome. The link below fully discusses what you need to know about SASSA SRD R350 grant appeal, filling appeal form, reconsideration.

srd sassa gov za banking details

For this reinstated SRD R350 Grant application, one of the best things SASSA did was to allow applicants to submit their bank account details upfront during the submission of the application. Unlike the previous one, where applicants had to be approved before he or she is given the opportunity to submit their bank account details and was even done in a particular given period (usually ultimatum).

By default, the Post office is the payment method for anyone who fails to submit a personal bank account. You can now switch or submit bank account details on any day and once the request is made, you can only request again after 24 hours. Click on the link below to find out more about SRD R350 Grant banking details.

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This video explains how to change your banking details on the website >>>>>

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