How To Appeal / Apply Reconsideration For SASSA SRD R350 Grant February 2024

We have assembled a simple guide to follow on how to appeal for an SRD grant.
For those who have applied for the SASSA SRD R350 grant and got declined, SASSA is giving such affected ones the opportunity to appeal within 30 days from the day of the decline.

Depending on your reason for the decline after checking your status will determine what to do in order to apply for reconsideration.
For every decline, there is attached reason why SASSA thinks that you don’t qualify for unemployment grants.

To appeal the SRD grant follow these instructions here :

  1. Visit the link for the months prior to April 2022 but from April 2022 and above , use this new appeal platform
  2. After loading fully, enter your ID number and the cell phone number that was used to submit the application.
  3. Click on “Send Pin”
  4. For SASSA to be sure you are the real owner of the account, an OTP code number will be sent your phone number, just enter this six digit code in the space provided.
  5. After a confirmation of the code, the appeal or the reconsideration page will open up and load.
  6. Now, the reason for the decline will be stated for example: uif registered or alternative income source Identified etc. Under the reason for the reconsideration, click on the small arrow pointing downward, a drop menu will show up, just choose the one that matches your decline reason. As an example, if your were declined for “uif registered” choose “no uif registered” as the reason for reconsideration or appeal or yours is “Alternative Income Source Identified” choose “no alternative income source” etc.
  7. Applicants should however note that, apart from those declined and the reason is “referred” who have been asked to submit their appeal through an email ([email protected]) and a “debtor” who cannot appeal, the rest have to submit their reconsideration through the website.
  8. One other to note is that those who have been declined because of “Identity verification failed” reason have to use another module on the website to appeal. Go the website and gently scroll down until you see a label asking you to Update Surname and Full name, follow that instructions to correct your personal information. Just enter your Surname, Full Name and ID number exactly as they appear on the ID documents or smart ID card from the Home Affairs Department. This happens when the submitted names do not match those compared with at the Home Affairs Department.
  9. Care must be taken when submitting the appeal or reconsideration application and patience as it may take time for SASSA to review the application again for reconsideration. It may even take months as that has been the major challenge fromSASSA and they have even apologized for the delay on working on the appeal applications. Although they have assured applicants that if after the reconsideration they are approved, they will be paid at all cost.
  10. The appeal or the reconsideration is done on monthly basis and applicants will have to submit individual appeals for each month of decline if only it is still within the stipulated 30 days period.
  11. The reconsideration decision is final and applicants cannot submit a new reconsideration but still the applicant does not agree, he or she can seek court order that will compel SASSA with much evidence why the application was declined.
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7 thoughts on “How To Appeal / Apply Reconsideration For SASSA SRD R350 Grant February 2024”

  1. Hi, I’m so surprised. I got my two months payment, May and August. The other months approved but at the end decline. When comes the following month Approved at the end decline, so i don’t understand how it works. UIF and Income source but im not working, i made an appeal but still the same.

  2. I only received my srd last year june, September n October and all the months are declined. N I don’t have alternatives income. Cause I’m nt working


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