NSFAS REGISTERED – SASSA SRD R350 GRANT Decline Status, What To Do? February 2024

One of the reasons SASSA might decline a SASSA SRD R350 grant application is NSFAS REGISTERED. But why nsfas registered? Starting January 2024 going.

NSFAS is an agency under the Department of Higher Education in South Africa responsible for managing and administration funds for qualified applicants pursuing various academic programs in public universities and TVET Colleges across the country.


One of the qualifying criteria was the applicant not being funded by NSFAS.

How is that done, How Does SASSA know that am currently funded by NSFAS?

Some affected applicants are wondering how Sassa are able to come up with this flimsy excuse and deny people their fair share of the SRD R350 Unemployment grant ‘cake’.

When an applicant submits his or her application, Sassa requests data from the NSFAS database to match and compare with the applicant’s ID number if the applicant is funded by NSFAS.

If it happens that the applicant’s ID number is found, then SASSA will decline your application and the decline reason is “nsfas registered”.

But what Sassa fails to make clearer, is the fact that, whether the applicant whose ID number was found is currently being funded or not? Because there are some who have applied for NSFAS but was not funded for various reasons including non-availability of courses or institution.


As described above, if you are declined for SASSA SRD R350 Grant due to the fact that your NSFAS registered, then you simply have to appeal and if successful, the decision is overturned do that you are approved.

SASSA should have first of all checked the current status of the applicant at the nsfas but they just put all of them into one category and denied them SRD R350 grant. That is not fair and to me, that is a lazy man’s approach to doing things. Instead of them to thoroughly verify the current status of the applicant and stop the needless appeals or reconsideration that takes months to work including the psychological frustration associated with a decline for the affected applicants.

What To Do If You Are Declined For NSFAS Registered?

If your application is declined for NSFAS registration, please you have to appeal or submit a reconsideration application using the link https://srd.dsd.gov.za/appeals/appeal

There is no need to contact nsfas to check the status, just go ahead and appeal. To appeal for NSFAS registered status, please follow the link below for a step-by-step guide.

Just follow this link to appeal or to check appeal status https://srd.dsd.gov.za/appeals/appeal

NSFAS Registered Frequently Asked Questions

If you have NSFAS, you cannot still apply for the SASSA SRD r350 grant. If you are currently funded by nsfas, SASSA will not approve your application.

Yes, NSFAS will still fund your higher education even if you receive R350 SASSA. Because R350 is not a qualifying condition for funding.

If you are applying for NSFAS and you fear that your application will be declined for NSFAS registered, then you can decide to cancel the application using the link here How to Cancel SRD Grant in few Steps

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  1. I would like to do an appeals it serveral montsh now not getting my 350 while I’m not working plz assist me.


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