Approved Without Pay Dates or SMS – SASSA SRD R350 Grant

Since the reinstatement of the SASSA SRD R350 grant in August 2023 , some applicants who have successfully submitted their applications are approved without pay dates or SMS asking them to collect their grants.

If you are one of those affected applicants then we have provided what might be the cause and what you need to do to resolve this problem.

Approved Without Pay Dates or SMS – SASSA SRD R350 Grant
Approved Without Pay Dates or SMS – SASSA SRD R350 Grant

It is painful seeing applicants receiving their payments after their applications are approved with pay dates but others are approved but no pay dates.

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Causes of Approved without or no pay dates

From various sources and personal observations gathered so far one of the following might be cause:

  1. Delay of the bank to verify bank account details submitted. Some banks may delay when SASSA request for verification and validation of bank information submitted by the applicant.
  2. Wrong bank account details submitted can also delay payment or approval without pay dates.
  3. Changing payment method regularly. If you are the type who usually switch payments from one method to another in a few days or weeks can also lead to that. You are advised to only change payment option when necessary and stick to that for subsequent payments.
  4. Sassa system error. There are at times the problem might be coming from administrative errors from SASSA system. In that case, you have to contact sassa on 0800601011 toll free number and let them check out your status.
  5. Availability of funds. Although this is independently verified, but it is clear that sometimes SASSA ran out of funds and may approve your application without pay dates or SMS asking you to go to the post office for collection.
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What can you do if you are approved without or no pay dates?

  • If nothing at all, make sure if you submitted your bank account details, they are correct, and verified by your bank and that the name on the bank account is the same as those on your ID card or Smart card. Note you cannot use someone else’s bank account for SRD R350 payments.
  • For the last hope of assurance, you can try your possible best to get in touch with SASSA either through their hotline 0800601011 or their social media pages both on Twitter and Facebook. They will be able to ascertain the exact issue with your application and what to do next. When contacting, make sure your ID number is readily available.

Some Applicants Share their thoughts and frustrations on Approved no pay dates with SouthAfricaAsk

Guys what’s going on with 087? Approved but no payday 💔💔💔 who’s with me?

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August approve no payday

September approve no payday

October approve no payday

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Guys an approved with no payday

September approved

October approved

November approved

December approved

When will i get my dates thank you

Am 085

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  1. Been approved for 7months no sms anything swicthed to ppst bank payment method. How long must i wait now? Plz help this money will really really help me

  2. I’m also approved no date, June July August September October November December. Please I really need this money.

  3. Jave been approved for 8months not 1payment this money will help me with my basic needs bread and electric. Plz help bcz im really in need

  4. Hi, approve but no pay date no sms my banking details are correct never change them, please help I really need this money.

  5. Approved from Aug 22 till Feb 23 with no pay dates. No one answer the phone at the helpline. If needed any people to answer the calls I’m in the market to work


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