Reasons Why Your SRD R350 Grant Application Is Declined February 2024

If your application for the SASSA SRD R350 grant is declined then it is likely due to one of the following reasons in 2023.

SASSA has said that only qualified applicants will be considered for the grant and will therefore deny or reject any application that does not meet the qualifications criteria.

A couple of weeks ago, Sassa released a report discussing all the decline reasons and what an affected applicant can do about it and also what does each decline reason mean.

This became necessary because some applicants did not know what their decline reason mean and what they can do about it to be considered again.

In the table below, there’s an outline of all the decline reasons followed by their meanings and what actions applicants can or should take if need be.

According to SASSA, this will also help applicants to dispute outcomes from SASSA SRD R350 decline and the process they have to follow.

If you have any feedback regarding this table please don’t hesitate to ask us using the comment section this post.

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