SRD lost Phone Number – 2 Tips To Help

In the labyrinth of social welfare programs, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has been a beacon of hope for many recipients of the SRD R350 grants. However, one common challenge faced by beneficiaries is the SRD lost phone number used during registration. Fear not, for a solution exists, and this blog post is your guide on how to tackle the situation effectively.

The Dilemma of the SRD Lost Phone Number

Losing the phone number tied to your SASSA SRD R350 grant registration can be distressing. It’s the lifeline connecting you to vital information about your financial assistance. Fortunately, SASSA recognizes this issue and has implemented a process to address it promptly.

SRD Lost Phone Number
SRD Lost Phone Number

The Lifeline: 0800601011

When faced with the predicament of a lost phone number, your first lifeline is the SASSA helpline at 0800601011. This dedicated hotline has been set up to assist individuals who need to update their contact details. Remember, patience is key as you navigate through the automated menus to reach the relevant department.

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The Verification Process

Once you connect with a SASSA representative, be prepared to provide your identification details. SASSA takes the security of your account seriously and will conduct a thorough biometric verification to ensure that you are the rightful account holder. This step is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the social relief grants and preventing any unauthorized changes.

Crossing the Biometric Hurdle

The biometric verification process may sound daunting, but it’s a necessary security measure. SASSA wants to guarantee that your account is safeguarded against potential fraud. During this stage, your patience and cooperation are invaluable. Ensure that the information you provide matches the details in their records accurately.

The Unique Link to Liberation

Successfully passing the biometric verification unlocks the gateway to change your phone number. SASSA will send you a unique link, providing you with the opportunity to replace the lost phone number with your current one. This step ensures that you remain connected to vital updates and notifications related to your SRD R350 grant.

A Final Note of Caution

While the process might seem rigorous, it is designed to protect your welfare funds and personal information. SASSA is committed to ensuring that the right individuals receive the assistance they deserve. So, embrace the verification process as a shield that guards your financial well-being.

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What if I lost my phone number for sassa r350?

  • Contact SASSA to change it for you by dialing 0800601011
  • provide your ID number
  • prove your identity by going through biometric verification to authenticate
  • after verification, SASSA will then allow you to change your lost phone number to a new one so that you can use it to receive payments and check status

SRD lost Phone Number and Application ID (AppID)

If you have lost your phone number and the application ID (AppID) of your SRD R350 grants then this is what you can do:

  • immediately call SASSA on the hotline 0800601011
  • report to them that you have lost your phone number and the application ID
  • give them your South African ID number
  • they will check to see if your account is still active
  • they may ask you a few questions to verify your identity
  • you may go through a biometric verification for SASSA to make sure that you are impersonating anyone
  • if they are satisfied, they will grant you access to the phone number and the application ID

The lost number for SRD grant

Thousands of SRD applicants have reported that they have lost the number they applied with. This is what to do if you lost number for SRD grant

  • Make a call to SASSA to report the issue and request a change of number using the number 0800601011
  • make sure your ID number is available
  • a few questions may be asked to verify initially if the account truly belongs to you
  • biometric verification will be put across that will pave way for you to be able to change your lost number for SRD grant.
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What to do if you lost your Phone Number for SASSA R350 grant?

  • Now SASSA requires biometric verification from applicant who have lost their phone number for SASSA R350.
  • Contact SASSA on their official public line at 0800601011
  • verify your identity by providing your ID number and a few question number
  • biometric verification procedure is carried out.
  • if successful, then you are allowed to use a new phone number for the SASSA R350


Losing your SASSA SRD R350 grant phone number doesn’t have to be a roadblock in your journey to financial relief. Armed with the knowledge of the 0800601011 helpline and the verification process, you can confidently navigate the maze and emerge with a new connection to your much-needed support. Remember, SASSA is there to help you every step of the way.

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