How to cancel srd grant in few steps

For whatever reason that after submitting your srd R350 grant application, you decide to cancel your application, we want to show you how to cancel srd.

  1. Follow the link
  2. In the spaces provided “South African ID number of applicant” and the “phone number used to submit your application” enter your ID number and the phone number used to apply respectively.
  3. Click on the label “send pin”
  4. For SASSA to be sure that the owner of the account is the one requesting for the cancellation of the grant, an OTP code number will be sent to the number used to apply.
  5. Enter the pin code in the space provided.
  6. A question asking you for the reason for the cancel and just choose the one that fits your situation and confirm it when asked if you are sure to cancel your srd application.
  7. SASSA will then stop your application for subsequent payments or consideration.
  8. Since this is a complicated process, no one should say that they canceled their SRD grant by mistake.
  9. Others intentionally canceled their applications with the belief that, they can reapply, but only to be told that they have already applied.

Reasons why applicants cancel their SRD grant application

  • Economic changes : some applicants might have been employed or receiving some stipends from other sources and this may prompt them to cancel as they no more qualify..
  • Some with view to reapply but end up with frustration when they are told they cannot submit second application for the same ID number.
  • Others due to the frustrations of receiving the grants. Many applicants have been approved long time without pay dates others too cannot withstand the stress of the post office queues and the attitude of the post office staff.
  • Can i reinstate my canceled application? Yes, you can now reinstate your canceled SRD grant using the same website.
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