how to check balance on sassa grant card

For many SASSA beneficiaries, payments are usually done through the grant card or by using their personal bank accounts.

To check balance on SASSA grant card follow these instructions :

Using the ATM Machine

  1. Put your SASSA grant card into the ATM machine
  2. Enter the your four digits pin code
  3. Press Enter or the system will log you in automatically if the pin is correct
  4. Press the check balance button on the ATM machine
  5. The balance on the grant card will show up for you to see the balance available on your account
  6. You can also use the ATM to give you a short statement (history of transactions) on card.

Requesting From The Bank Staff

If you take your SASSA grants from your bank, then you can ask your bank to so that for.

  1. Write your bank account number to the bank teller
  2. Bank teller will check your account balance for you, usually they are free services offered by most banks.
  3. If you are expecting any SASSA payment, the balance will help you determine the amount received and from where (source of the money)
  4. You can also request for your recent bank statements, which usually comes at a fee, to know about your previous transactions.
  5. If you have the Android or iPhone, you can download the latest version of the bank’s mobile app.
  6. Check your SASSA account balance using the apps. But you first have to connect your app to your bank account
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