SASSA Child Support and Old Age Pension Grant Online Application and Forms


One of the innovations SASSA is implementing recently is the launch of the online application platform where some selected grants can be applied solely online. The following categories of grants can be applied fully online :

  • Old Age Pension Grant
  • Child Support Grant
  • Foster Child Grant

During the global pandemic where face to face interactions were curtailed to prevent the spread of the virus, sassa came up with a great idea where applicants can comfortably sit in their homes or offices and apply for Child support grants for their kids.

Online application platform is growing as it is more convenient and cost-effective way of doing certain things in this era of internet boom.

Application for the SASSA Child Support Grant Online

To apply for sassa child support grant online and Old Age Pension Grant, the application procedure is very simple and similar for both grants, follow these instructions outlined below :

  • Visit the website address and register an account. Just click on the Register button and fill all the required fields such as citizenship (South African Citizen, Permanent Resident, Refugee, ID documents (ID type – ID book or Temporary ID, ID number) , Full Name, Surname, Email address (use your email address that is currently functional, Cell phone number and password (choose a suitable characters that you can always remember)
  • After supplying all these details, click on the Save button.
  • After creating a new account, click on the Apply for a grant tab and select Child Support Grant or Old Age Pension Grant. But before that you have to login to the account by clicking on the Login button.
  • The online application forms will be loaded, fill out all the details and upload the needed documents and submit your application.
  • After sometime, you can track your application and know what is your current application status.
  • To track your the progress of your application, just login to the platform and click on “Track My Application” tab on the left part of the page.
  • The “Update Personal Details” tab will help you to make corrections to the submitted details if the need be.
  • In case you failed to upload your documents during the application process, you can use the “Upload Documents” tab to upload your documents.
  • If you submit the online application forms, there is no need to submit physical copies of the application at the SASSA office.
  • In case there is undue delay, you can contact sassa on 0800601011 toll free and quote your registration number that was sent to you in your email address or phone number.
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Documents Needed To Uploaded for SASSA Online Application

The documents that will be uploaded is the same as the when applying offline. You only have to scan them into PDF or images in high resolution format and upload them together with the application.

Some of the documents needed are ID card, birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate depending on the grant you are applying etc. All the needed documents will be shown when applying.

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