SASSA Grant Application and Online Form


If you want to apply for SASSA grants be it SASSA Old Age Grant, Disability grant, Child Support Grant or the rest, you need to fill SASS grant application forms.

Readers should note that SASSA has recently launched an online application platform where some selected categories of grants. That will be discussed later.

But for now, if you want to apply for SASSA grants, you have to visit any nearest SASSA office and contact their officials and they will help you and give you the application form and they will even be happy to assist you in filling.

SASSA Online Application 2022/2023

To apply for some selected Sassa grants online such as the Old Age Pension Grant and child support grant, visit the website and register an account. After that continue to apply for the preferred grant by filling out the online application forms and uploading the needed documentation. After submitting the application, wait till sassa gets in touch with you when the application needs your attention or when confirmed or approved.

SASSA Online Application for SRD R350 Grant gov za

If you are looking for a SASSA SRD R350 grant application which is done online solely on the srd Sassa gov za website. The application procedure is very simple which anyone can easily apply. All you need to do is to visit the website and fill out the online application forms with correct personal details and other payments details and submit them. You do not need to go physically to any office and apply.

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Although we have only two months more to go to the end of the program, thus March 2022, anyone who wishes to apply can do so right now although he or she will be paid for only the remaining two months.

SASSA Application forms 2022 pdf

Prospective applicants who wish to apply for any SASSA grant should take note that, there are no pdf forms to apply. Is either you apply using the online application forms or go to the nearest SASSA office to apply depending on the grant you wish to apply for.

At the SASSA office, you may be assisted with the filling of the forms if need be. Although you can see a sample of the application form online and download it so that you know what the forms entail. In case, the applicant is not physically well enough to visit the office, he or she nominates someone preferably a close relative to do so on their behalf.

Soma applications such as disability grants require that the applicant themselves is physically present to be examined by a qualified doctor before the application can go through the approval procedure.

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