Appeal Letter Sample For Reconsideration 2023

Appeal letter sample for reconsideration of the SASSA SRD R350 grant is very simple and straightforward in 2023.

Everything us prepared electronically for the applicant to fill or select appropriately what suits his or her condition.

It is designed in such a way that the applicant will just

  • have to enter his or her ID number and the cell phone number that was used to submit the application using this address
  • Click on the Send Pin button. Immediately a pin is sent automatically to your phone number as SMS.
  • Enter the six digits code and submit.
  • Since for now only December 2022 has been worked on, you only see the month of December 2022.
  • Select it and choose the reconsideration /appeal reason. Thus the reason why you are applying for reconsideration or appeal. It must match the the decline reason, if there is no direct match, choose the one that is closely related…
  • And submit. You will see appeal outcome or reconsideration outcome to be pending.
  • After that, take a a cup of coffee or tea and relax because it can take a while like 60 – 90 days for the reconsideration process to be completed.

To fill out the appeal forms online the following are the requirements

  • Phone Number that was used
  • A functioning phone to receive the pin code.
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7 thoughts on “Appeal Letter Sample For Reconsideration 2023”

  1. Why only orphans get top up? I am a 52yrs old lady who lives with an eleven year old boy. I get disability grant and when it is cut off we suffer because I need to pay burial policy then we are left with nothing. Please assist us. Yours in faith.

  2. My April 2022 still said declined on appeal status reason being alternative saurce of income which is not true.What must i do?.October 2022 said the same but status says pending.How come April 2022 being declined but october pending as i got no other saurce of income.ù

  3. Since from sassa started i only received for 5 months only and they saying its refeered nd i fixed it but still i havent received any payment


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