Referred sassa gov za – Referred status for SASSA SRD R350 2024

One of the decline status of the SRD R350 grants that most applicants seems not to be much aware is “referred“ in 2024.

Now, according to official report from SASSA those with that decline status are usually due to some irregularities.

Why Referred Status for SASSA SRD R350 grant 2024.

Some of the applicants are picked at random to assess their criminal history or any fraudulent activities.

If their ID number or phone number is found to be in the security database for any offense or illegal activities, then the applicant is declined as referred.

And it is one of those declined reasons, the applicant cannot appeal.

Unlike the other decline reasons such as UIF registered, nsfas registered, alternative income source, etc, which can be appealed or reconsidered, referred status can only be lodged at the SASSA.

It has however be noted that, SASSA is no way saying that, the person in question is a confirmed criminal or fraudster but it is a suspicion.

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It requires that further investigation has to be conducted on the supposed activity before the application process can proceed further.

For those who are declined for referred status, are entreated to send an email to [email protected]. When the email is sent, sassa will refer to the appropriate agency to provide further investigation and report back to SASSA.

For now, we have not seen any applicant who is in that situation and his situation overturned or resolved.

Comparatively, the number of applicants who fall in that category is less compared to total number of SRD applicants.

Call on SASSA and DSD to intervene

SASSA has been very slow on those who have been declined with this status and most of them have complained bitterly why they are treated this way.

We, through this article, call on the SASSA and the Department of Social Development minister Lindiwe Zulu to help address this issue in this difficult moments of fellow South Africans.

You should as well try to see if you can apply for reconsideration or appeal.

Referred Email Letter Sample

In case you want to send the email to address provided above, below is template or a format you can use :

“Dear, My name is [Enter your name] with ID number [enter ID number]. I applied for the SASSA SRD R350 grant, and when I check my status for the month [enter the month(s)], I was referred.

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I therefore request to know the issue surrounding my application and what I can do to receive the grants.

Thank you”

How do I Fix My Referred Status?

If you are referred for SASSA status, do the following to have your issue resolved

  • Contact SASSA on the hotline 0800601011
  • Report to them that when you checked your Status for SASSA SRD R350 Grant, you saw that you were ‘referred’.
  • Let them know that you have no criminal records and even if your ID was popped up in any illegal investigation, you ready to defend yourself since you not guilty.
  • You can request for Biometric Identity Verification.
  • It may take two weeks to have your referred Status changed.
  • Note that, you can also send an email to [email protected] for SASSA to look into your matter for you.

35 thoughts on “Referred sassa gov za – Referred status for SASSA SRD R350 2024”

  1. Good day
    I have been getting the reffered status since August 2022. Doing the follow up in that I found that my name was on SAFPS data base for fraudulent activities under my name.
    I followed with the instruction that forwarded my name, and they sent to SAFPS to delete my name in their data base. I also wrote a dispute against my listing.
    My identity number is 7606085501085
    Thabani Celani Welcome
    My name is now been deleted on the list

    • My name is Wiseman sibinda my status have been refered since last year 2022 until 2023now it says approved but no pay date my 7905145796085 from January to April says approved but no pay day what should I do I never got the money ever since I apply for it and I’m not working I am a garden boy sometimes people don’t pay me please.

  2. My name is Thanduxolo Arnold saki,i dnt hav a income keep on replying it shows approved thn go to reffered,i struggle plz help me 0732145 687 since april 2022

  3. My name: Mojalefa Benjamin
    I’m unemployed i don’t know an income please help me with the referred story please
    My cellphone number: 0737599385
    Please help since laste year i haven’t received anything

  4. I signed up for 350 in March and did not receive one payment up until now march,April and may 2023 are referred I’d like to know what I can do about it my contact details are 0685004260 and I’m in need of the grant

  5. Good day my name is Anita Kelly. I apply for the srd grant in 2022. I approve since than until May this year. All off a sudden my status changed to refered for all those months. And I’m unemployed.

  6. My name is jeanet since I apply my 350 say approve after refered I don’t know what to do my I’d is 8811010954081

  7. My Name is Ntebuweng Moleleke My Status have been referred Since February 2023 until now.My ID number 8512040985083.I’m not working please give me pay dates to each an every month.

  8. I’m Hlengiwe Ngobese ngobese i have a problem regarding my application since last year December till this month of’s started by saying approve than straight to referred and I’ve send the email last month bt nothing changed

  9. My name is Sharon Siems,id number 8205250209084 my status have been “reffered” since last year March and up to now have not received any srd money im struggling a lot can someone PLEASE HELP ME
    My gmail address is [email protected]

  10. My name is shumanemoyo Stephen moyo.I was referred from srd R350 .2021 till now 2023 please help me I’D 7604155629084 .cell 0784379372.thank you

  11. I’ve had a referred remark since the second month of the grant. After numerous phone calls visits to sassa branches and emails I still don’t receive my R350 grant. I understand I’m on the fraud list unknowingly. How can I rectify this so I can get my grant.

  12. Hi my name is thamsanqa moloi my 350 is saying referred since March and April and May and June and July and August and September

  13. My status says refferd i did send an email to sassa asking for help but no respond. Please can i get my grant as im unemployed

  14. Hi my name is thamsanqa moloi my 350 is saying refferred since March April May June July August September October November and December and January is still pending


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