SASSA Child Grant Balance Check Online 2023

We have outlined verifiable ways to make sure SASSA Child Support Grant balance check online in 2023.

If you have submitted your application or already a recipient of child grant online using the link :

  • Go to the nearest SASSA office to make enquiries. Or
  • Go to the official website of the SASSA and look for your local or provincial office number or email address and contact them.
  • You can also reach out to SASSA national hotline 0800601011 for enquiries.

Indeed, there is currently no online service or platform available where individuals can login to check their child grant balance.

The new online application platform, where applicant can check their application status online and even application can be made there and all necessary documents uploaded.

For those who been using their personal bank account to receive child support grant, can contact their bankers for their balance after SASSA released payments.

The SASSA card can equally be used to check balance but only at the ATM premises.

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