SRD Change Cellphone Number Online – How to change SRD R350 Number 2023

How do I change my SRD cellphone number:

  • Visit the official website address of the SASSA SRD R350 Grant and scroll down through the page until you see the message “How do I change my contact details” and click on the button labelled as “click here to change your cellphone number or email”.
  • Likewise, you can click on this direct link (this one takes you straight to the Web page to change your cellphone number).
  • At this point, you need your AppID (The AppID is the unique code you received when you first registered or applied for the grant). It was sent through an SMS.
  • If you don’t have the AppID at hand, you can check your status using the link, your AppID will be showing.
  • Provide your new cellphone number you want to change or switch to and select the reason for the change.
  • Accept when asked if you are sure to change your cellphone number.
  • Submit your application and wait for two weeks for the change to be completed.
  • During this, the old number will continue to be active until the system completes the change after which you can use the new cellphone number to manage your account.
  • If you forgotten the old number and don’t have access to the AppID neither, then you will have to contact SASSA on their hotline 0800601011 for assistance.
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  1. Hi my name is Richard Sipho Radebe my old number is not registered on my name 0747724902 now I changed the number registered on my name the number is 0743665396


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