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You are here probably because you are an applicant of the SRD grant and chose to receive your grant through the post office (SAPO). Do you want to know post office SRD balance check online, indeed there is no way to check your payment balance at the post office online?

When you submit your application and choose to be paid through the post office or its partners like Pick & Pay or Boxer Stores, then you must, first of all, make sure that your application is approved with payment dates.

To check if your application is approved or not, you can visit the link and follow the screen instructions to check the status. Or else, you can follow the article below to check your status :

If you want to know if you have some cash waiting for you at the post office, then you can either visit the post office in person or call them on phone. When you call them on phone, make your ID number ready as they will require that to check your SRD balance for you.

Here is the customer service support number: 0860 111 502.

When you call, explain to them the reason for the call and if there is a need for the call to be transferred to different personnel, just be patient and cooperate.

Moreover, the Post office earlier made the announcement that those whose grants are ready for collection will be contacted via SMS. But what most applicants are grappling with is the fact that they have been approved a long time with pay dates but have not yet received any SMS asking them to collect their grants from the Post Office or the partner shops.

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Because of this issue, although the post office always for an SMS, we rather urge approved applicants to visit their nearest local post office to collect their grants on the designated payment dates based on the last three digits of their ID numbers. But when going, they should carry along with their ID card for verification purposes.

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Moreover, SASSA together with the post office has partnered with Pick & Pay and Boxer stores in order for approved applicants to collect their grants from them too.

You only need your phone number and your ID card or Smart card and you will be sorted out electronically.

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