How to Transfer or Switch SASSA Grants To Bank Account 2023

For those of you who are receiving grants from SASSA but would wish to switch or change or even transfer from SASSA cards to your preferred bank account, below is the procedure in 2023.

Quick Overview : Change From SASSA to Bank Account

By default SASSA pays their grants such as Old Age Pension Grant, Disability grant, Child Support Grant Payment through SASSA cards which provided by SASSA itself. With this card applicants can withdraw their funds at various pay points across the country or even use it to buy groceries from various shops.

SASSA primary payout point is post office or Post Bank, but not everyone is quite comfortable with that, others wish to receive their grant payments through their personal bank account. Indeed, SASSA allows approved applicants to switch their payments method from the default to other options available.

To that, the official procedure is :

  • Visit any nearest SASSA office
  • Request for change of payment method or bank account forms
  • Fill the form carefully with your ID documents and other particulars.
  • Hand over the filled forms, SASSA will indicate when your request is granted, so that you will start receiving your SASSA grants in your preferred bank account.
  • Until then, expect to continue to receive your grant in the current pay point until your request for change is approved.
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Benefits of Using Personal Bank Account

  • For convenience sake, having your SASSA grants right on your personal bank account gives you the best.
  • When the money is finally credited into your account, you will receive an alert right away, if you have subscribed to your bank’s alert messages for your account.
  • Most of these banks offers you a new way of banking using their mobile apps or USSD code which will help you to check your account balance, buy airtime or even transfer money to others.
  • You can even use monthly grants as collateral to apply for personal short term loans from Capfin loans, Wonga loans or Unifi loans.
  • You can equally easily request for your bank account statement over a given period to know the inflows and outflows of cash from you account and this can help you detect if there is any anomaly.

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  1. It’s been six months suffering I don’t know how to make it work I waited for payment date but nowhere to be seen
    Please help for the sake of school uniform

  2. I went to sassa near me to change into my personal bank account and I was told they are still doing 2022 September batches maybe mine will be processed between June /July 2023, of which I don’t understand how’s that possible.


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