Are you approved, Declined or Pending or Canceled SRD R350 Grant Status? February 2024

Have you checked your status today? What is your current SRD R350 Status when you checked : pending, approved or declined?

The above is the main status for almost all applicants of the SASSA SRD R350 grant.

This article focuses on the three main statuses and what they mean and what you can do if needed.

SASSA SRD R350 Grant Approved Status

If you are fortunate enough to be approved, what that means is that after SASSA completed the screening process you are approved because you qualify for the grant.

If you are approved with pay dates, then you are few days ahead to be paid. The pay dates are the dates in which your grant amount will be deposited into your bank account for those using bank as payment method.

rom previous experience, bam payments are made on the same date as the date shown on the status dashboard. If you have subscribed to your bank’s SMS alert, then be expecting a notification from your bank when the grant is finally credited to your account.

In some cases, you might be approved without pay dates and this could be due to some factors including challenges with bank account verification. Whenever you submit your bank account, sassa verifies and validates the account to make sure it matches with applicant’s submitted details.

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That has so far bren the major factor why most applicants are approved without pay dates. In any case, please make also sure that the bank account number and other details are accurate.

SASSA SRD R350 Grant Pending Status

In case you check your status and you see “pending” on your dashboard, please what it means is that SASSA is yet to complete your application screening and you need to wait a bit longer.

The screening process is done in batches and you might in the series of batches being processed. Bit if you think almost all applicants are worked on but you are still pending then it might be a system error.

In that case, you can contact sassa on 0800601011 toll free number to check your status for you. When pending, your status could change to approved or declined after the procedure is complete. Pending does not mean approved nor declined.

Declined Outcome / Status for SASSA SRD R350 Grant

This is an account no applicant would want to see or know. That might be a big blow if you think you meet the qualifications. It worth noting that, this grant is fundamentally meant to be paid to persons who are truly in need and does not receive or qualify to receive financial support.

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There are many different reasons for which an application will be declined. The article below discusses all of them and what you can do to appeal that decision or apply for reconsideration.

Please take your time and go through the reconsideration module carefully and choose the appropriate or corresponding reasons for the appeal.

SASSA has recently apologized for the delay in response to the reconsideration applications and has reassured affected applicants to exercise patience.

For any feedback or comments, you can always use the comments section below.

14 thoughts on “Are you approved, Declined or Pending or Canceled SRD R350 Grant Status? February 2024”

  1. I have been declined for August Nd September due to verified identity which I know nothing about cz all my details are correct

  2. I have been approved for 8months my payment method is post bank. I never received any pay dates plz plz plz help this money can help with bread for my house plz help

    • I’ve got 10 months that’s approved with no pay dates what to do coz I desperately need the money for food and to sort out my grandson with shoes please help

  3. I have been declined since April 2022 until December 2022 and have appealed for all these months, but all are pending… Jan2023 is also still pending… I have not received any money from Sassa and I have been trying to get through to the toll free number that is unavailable all the time… Please help me as I need the money🙏

    • Why one month approve next month decline what is going on busy stealing one for you one for me 🤔 please we need this 350 it’s not allot but a big help to us that is in need please 🙏

  4. My srd 350 is always declining.reason says alternative income source but I’m not working and i don’t get any money..please help me

  5. My srd 350 is always declining.reason says alternative income source but I’m not working and i don’t get any money..please help me

  6. Since April 2022 my SRD grant decline says source of income I am not working I am suffering as any other do will please help me I done all my appeals for all the months April and May still decline others still pending thank you

  7. You people don’t care about us,Why our SRD keeps on declining due to UIF and Source of income which we don’t receive.And how long should we wait for appeals to be sorted out.And this thing of yours must come to an end,you approve then all of sudden it decline and I’ve read somewhere saying the reason is because we received an amount through our bank account which is a lie.So please help us


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