How To Get SASSA Virtual Card? February 2024


In this article we will explain to you in simple terms how you can get SASSA Virtual card in simple ways.

What is Virtual Card?

To begin with, let us find out what a virtual card is.

Virtual card is same as physical debit or credit card issued usually by banks and other financial institutions through their partners.

For instance, VISA card, Mastercard etc to name a few.

In the case of the virtual card, the hard copy or the physical card will not be available but, all the details that are on a physical card is made ready electronically.

Thus you can have your card number, date of expiry cvc code etc.

In some cases, the virtual card can be used to make online purchases and also for receiving funds across the world.

How to get sassa virtual card?

How To Get SASSA Virtual Card?
How To Get SASSA Virtual Card?

To get sassa virtual card in order to receive your SRD R350 Payments,

  • go to the official website of the SASSA SRD R350 Grant
  • Scroll down through the pages and check where you are asked to change your banking details and input your ID number and submit.
  • SASSA will send you a unique link generated solely for you and linked with the ID number submitted.
  • Immediately, click on the link to load.
  • Under the payment option, choose post bank virtual card
  • And submit.
  • You will receive a successful submission message.
  • Wait for some days for verification.
  • Now if you are approved with pay dates, just take the phone number applied with and visit partner retails shops such as ShopRite, Pick and Pay outlets for your money.
  • Initially, post office or post bank was the one making those payments but now shifted to retail stores.
  • When the virtual card is created, your card number is shown on your dashboard where you chose your preferred method of payment.
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Note that, because this one is different from the normal virtual card, you cannot use this to make payment or receive payment apart from the SASSA SRD R350 Payments.

Postbank Virtual Card For SASSA SRD R350

On behalf of the Postbank, SASSA applicants can request for the virtual card account to be able to receive their payments. You can follow the instructions outlined above to get your virtual account created and activated. After that it will be verified and populated through the Postbank system and the Retail Shops. You only visit the retail shop such as ShopRite when approved with payment date to collect your grant.

How Does Postbank Virtual Card Work?

The postbank virtual card works when the bank create a nonphysical card account in your name. Mainly for the purpose of SASSA applicants to receive payments at the retail shops or at post bank.

A code is generated for you which should be accessible at the post bank and linked with your ID number or phone number.

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For those issued by the banks such as FNB, Capitec or Discovery etc, they can be used equally as the physical debit cards and use for online transactions.

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      • I don’t have the “Post office virtual card” option, only “Post bank account”. When i went to Shoprite the cashier said my number is not registered to collect over the counter??! What should I do?

        Thank you

  1. Hi i want to change get my money in shops bt im struggling to change to pick n pay.I choose post office so i need to get my money to the shop what’s must i do?

  2. Goood day I hv money on my post office account so I wanna apply for a virtual card so tht I’ll b able to withdraw it


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