SASSA Cash Send or Ewallet Account Holders for SRD R350 Grant February 2024

One of the payment methods that SASSA earlier recommended for approved SRD R350 grant applicants to collect their payments.

But was met with many challenges due to some administrative issues and was eventually called off.

Those who chose this payment method could cash out their grants from ATM of partner banks without necessarily being a customer of the bank.

All the applicant needs is to have his or her cell phone number RICAd in her name. Here the phone number is used as identification. Without the phone number being in the user’s name, the transaction cannot be completed.

The cash send or ewallet account was more convenient for applicants who don’t have bank account and also wouldn’t want join long queues at the Post office and the bribery that comes along.

cash send users
cash send users

Earlier, SASSA reported that they are requesting approval from the National Treasury to allow applicants yo use the partner banks ATM for free.

But it looks as if that failed because SASSA came back later announced to cash send applicants to either submit their bank account details or they are put on the default pay point post office.

SASSA made this announcement on October 5th 2021 in a Facebook post which is available below or check the image below.

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In view of the above development, if you are have not switched to a bank account or post office then you need to so as soon as possible.

The article below discusses into detail how you can submit your bank account details for SRD R350 grants payments and comes with much convenience.

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  1. l dont have n bank accounts please send it with ewallet am be waiting from Agus till December please help me l really need it thank you 083

  2. Hi I lost my cell phone with my old number got a new number but can’t change my number coz I need my application I’d and I do not remember that even pls could get it through eft please I’m really desperate

  3. Hi I have 4 months approved but no paydates and I can’t get my money at pick n pay neither any of the shops please help


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