Unifi loans reset forgot password February 2024

As one of the leading lenders in South Africa, Unifi loans always provide best services to its customers including setting up a system where applicants are at ease to do business with them in 2023.

Retrieve or Reset Your Unifi Loans Forgot Password

In case you have ever registered an account on their website for loan processing and probably have misplaced or forgotten your password or username login details, here we have summarized everything you need to do in order to retrieve your account information such as password and recommendations that will further help secure your account.

  • Click on the Login button at the top right corner of the page https://unifi.credit/za
  • A pop-up window smaller in size will appear asking for your login credentials thus : ID number and six digits code chosen during account creation. Beneath it, you see “forgot password” click on it.
  • It will then ask you for your ID number that was used to apply.
  • Enter your thirteen digits ID number and click on the button labeled “Send Password” or “Cancel” if you so wish.
  • You will receive SMS notification or email alert through your phone number and email address submitted during registration.
  • Open your SMS inbox or email inbox for your password.
  • In case you wish, you can change your password
  • Now use your password received yo login into your account once again
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Securing Your Unifi Loans Account Password

The steps outlined below can be used to boost your Unifi loans account security to make nearly impossible for anyone have access to unless you give out yourself.

  • Unifi loans recommend a six digit password code.
  • Choose characters that are difficult to guess and not patterned.
  • Don’t use your telephone number like first six digits or last sic digits of your cell phone.
  • Don’t share your password with any other person unless you can fully trust the person in case of.
  • Don’t write your password anywhere accessible to others such as your diaries, walls or papers left anywhere and anyhow.
  • For stronger password, it is recommended that you combine characters such as numbers, alphabets, upper and lower cases etc.
  • Note if the account is a high sensitive one, you need to be changing the password from time to time or when you suspect that your account details are compromised.
  • Last thing you need to get in mind is the fact that, no account whatsoever is 100% secured and it is therefore imperative to make it harder for the intruder.

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