How Do I Change My Banking Details – SASSA SRD R350

To change your banking details for SASSA SRD R350 do this…

Visit the site link and scroll down to where are asked if you want to change your banking details.

Enter your ID number in the space provided and submit.

You will immediately receive an SMS notification containing a unique link generated just for you and valid for the next 30 minutes.

Click on the link received and wait until it fully loaded. Provide your details and choose your preferred payment option, if you choose bank account, then you have to choose the bank name, enter the bank account number etc.

After that submit and you will receive an SMS confirmation for a successful submission.

Wait for some few days if yo are approved. Mind you it is the same process used to change or switch bank account.

Your submitted banks details or the chosen method has to be verified.

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11 thoughts on “How Do I Change My Banking Details – SASSA SRD R350”

  1. I change my srd sassa 350
    I want to take my 350 on pick n pay or Boxer store,
    I want to change it from capitec,to retails,capitec is not my account ,I apply capitac for my sister s child for maintenance,I don’t have any income


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