Wonga Loans Applications South Africa- Complete Guide

General Overview of Wonga Loans

Wonga loan is among the best lenders when it comes to offering short terms personal loans to individuals with flexible repayment plans. Wonga loan as a financial institution believes that, at some point in a person’s life, there will be an urgent need for cash where when turn left or right, there is no place to get affordable loans even in a small amount.

Wonga offers loans of up R4000 to new customers for a maximum of three months repayment period and up to R8000 for six months repayment duration for old or existing customers.

They have made the application very simple and easy to follow and the payment very prompt.

Wonga Loans Application

Unlike other loans application service providers, Wonga provides a sole online-based application, where the applicant submits the application only through their secured platform and the application process, and after approval, the amount is transferred into the bank account of the applicant.

Wonga Loans Online Application and Forms South Africa

All tghe application is done online from the start to the finish and this should give you an idea that if anyoine calls you fill a form physically, it is a scam or a lie and always make sure you are usiung the correct and secured website of Wonga loans https://www.wonga.co.za/

  • Visit the website https://www.wonga.co.za/
  • If you are first time applying for the loan, use the slider to choose the amount you want or enter the amount (Loan Amount). New customers can request up to an amount of R4000 where as existing ones can request for an amount up to R8000. All of these will also depend on ones affordabilty after assessment by Wonga.
  • Choose the number of days or period for repayment (Loan Period). New customers can take up to 3 months repayment period whilst old customers have up to six months repayment period.
  • As the slider for the number of days is moved , the repayment due date also keep changing.
  • For instance, if you choose loan amount of R4000, for a period of 30 days (one month ) repayment period at the date of filing this article which is 15th Februarty 2022, the repayment due date will be 17th March 2022.
  • Besides that, you see Interest and Fees of R827.38.
  • After that click on the button labeled “Apply Now
  • When the page is fuly loaded fill in the all the required field such as “First Name, Surname, SA ID number, Home languaga, Marital status, email address ( must be a functioning one) and choose a password (choose a password that combines letters and numbers and different cases of letters. A good and a strong password should look as this “LaK234@2022”
  • After that click on Register
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Wonga loans application process

Wonga loans application process is what has been discussed above. Wonga believes in technology and innovations when it comes to finance and lending and thu why they offer the convenience to their customers to sit back at home and apply for a loan online within minutes. When you qualify payments are made directly into your bank account.


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Wonga loans login

If you have already registered for a loan online on their website or you are an existing customer then you only have to login an account enter your username and password.

However, if you have forgotten your password or username, then you have click on the “Forgot Password” button and enter the email address that was used to apply. A password reset link will be sent to the email from you can use to reset the password.

If you have difficulties resetting your password or username, you can always contact Wonga loans for assistance.


Wonga loans Calculator

The Wonga loan calculator is the first thing you see when you visit the official Wonga loans website. The calculator is automated with a slider for how much you need and the number of days although you can equally enter the amount and number of days manually.

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Below are the key features of the Wonga loan calculator : with picture below.

  • Loan Amount : This is is the amount of money the applicant can request but it has to be approved first. New customers can request up to R4000. You can enter the amount manually or use the slider to increase or decrease the amount.
  • Loan Period : This is the number of days the given for the repayment of the approved loan amount. You can as well use the slider “over how many days” to adjust the number of days.
  • Number of Installment Payments: Number of times (in months) the repayment will be paid. It has a maximum of 3 months or 3 installment payments fir new customers and up to six months for Old customers. and it also depends on the amount requested. As you move the slider from left to right (increase the number of days) or vice versa, the other loan parameters will be changing accordingly. It also shows the amount to be paid for every month or installment.
  • Repay Dates: This is the due date for the loan repayment or the first repayment due date. The applicant can also give the date at which he or she would be able to pay back but must be within the appropriate date. This is made available for those who would want to make payments before the normal duration for the amount being processed.
  • Interest & Fees: The interest & Fees tab helps you to know how much interest is charged and the fees associated with the requested amount. To know the details of the fees, just click on the orange circle and the fees breakdown will appear. For loans within a month, you see the following items : interest rate, initiation fee and service fee. For loans that will span more than one month here are the fees breakdown : initiation fees, service fees and interest rates
  • How much do you need?” slider: This slider can be moved from left to right indicating increasing the amount of money requested (Principal) and vice versa. You can equally use the plus (+) or minus (-) signs at extreme ends to increase or decrease the amount respectively.
  • “Over how many days” slider: Just like the above described slider, moving from left to right indicates increase in the number of days and vice versa. It also has plus and minus to increase and decrease the number of days accordingly.
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Wonga loans for blacklisted applicants

For blacklisted people who want apply for Wonga loans must first of contact Wonga or go ahead to apply, if there is a issue you can contact Wonga for support.

Wonga flexi loans

Wonga flexi loans are catered for each and everyone’s financial needs from as little as R500 up to R4000 for new customers and R8000 for old customers. Contact Wonga today and begin your smiling face today in a more transparent manner.

Wonga loans contact details

Although Wonga operates online and processes all its loans online you can still contact Wonga loans through the following channels :

Wonga loans reviews

As it is true with anyone organization or institution, people have their opinions on whether they are happy with their services or not, so below if you have ever contacted Wonga or applied for their loans, you can share with us what were your experiences and expectations if they were met.


You always have to be careful when contracting loans with lenders and make sure they are more transparent and prompt to request when there’s a problem. More importantly is their customer support service, how cordial and responsive they are regardless of one’s social status.

In our next article we will look at what factors to consider when requesting or applying for a personal loan.

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