Lime Loans Applications South Africa – Complete Guide February 2024

Lime Loans is a lending institution in South Africa that offers South Africans the opportunity to access loans from R300 to R5400 within a period of 7 weeks maximum. They have very competitive rates and you can also always contact them on 0104426722 for any inquiries you may have in 2023.

Lime Loans Application Guide

To apply for a short-term personal loan to sort yourself out within days follow these steps here to tender your loan application.

There are basically three steps namely :

  1. Create your personal profile
  2. Complete Bank Account Details
  3. Amount Deposit into your account fir withdrawal

Create Your Personal Profile

  • Visit the homepage website address and click on the “Apply Now” button or visit directly this link
  • Complete the registration by filling in the forms with the following needed information :
    1. Name
    2. Surname
    3. Second Name (if applicable)
    4. Date of Birth (select from the prepopulated list) Day Month Year
    5. Sex
    6. Race
    7. ID number
    8. Place of Birth
    9. Cellphone number
    10. Email address
    11. Choose a password and confirm it.
  • Check the box “Please agree with our Terms and Conditions
  • Click on the Next button to fill out the online application forms.
  • The last part of the application/registration process is to provide your payment method on where and how you can receive your loan cash.
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You can use the calculator at the homepage to estimate how much you qualify to receive and other charges or fees together with the interest rate.

Lime Loans Application Requirements

  • South Africa 13-digit ID document /Number
  • Your Personal Cell phone Number
  • Bank Account Details
  • Recent Three Months payslips

Completing Your Banking Details

Enter your personal banking details such as Bank Name, Account Number, and Account Type. After that you provide three recent payslips or bank statements. Lime recommends that in order to speed up the application process, the applicant will have to connect DIRECT with the applicant’s bank account through the secure TruID system, however, although slow you can choose to submit bank statements manually.

Payments Into Bank Account for Withdrawal

If you are approved after your submitted application is scrutinized, then payment will be made right away without delay. But you need to first of all confirm the amount of money you earn as income, choose the loan amount (Principal) you want to borrow, the term duration and check other charges or fees. After that you have to read, accept and sign the loan agreement. To do that just click on the banner with the label “I accept” and the money will deposited into the account right away.

Other Loans Lenders To Borrow money from

We have below the other lenders in the South African financial market you can also borrow money with flexible repayment plans.

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Existing Customers Requesting For New Loans

For customers who have been applying for loans before and granted will have few steps to complete for them to be paid.

  • Login to the profile page
  • Enter the cell number that was used when registering for the account and the password.
  • Go ahead to confirm your income, the loan amount and the duration and accept the loan agreement.
  • Amount is deposited into the bank account immediately.

Lime Loan Calculator

For transparency and customer trust, the Lime Loan Calculator helps the applicant or the potential customer to know beforehand, how much he or she will pay altogether at the end of the loan term and that includes the Principal together with other fees and interest rate.

Lime Loans Calculator
Lime Loans Calculator
  • The calculator shows the amount slider from R300 to R5400 which when the slider is moved from left to right increases the amount and vice versa.
  • The second slider indicates the time duration for the loan having a minimum of five (5) days to a maximum of seven (7)weeks. Just as the loan amount slider, the duration slider also increases from left to right and vice versa.
  • The Amount Payable : It is one of the most important features on the calculator which helps the applicant to know exactly how much he or she will be paying at the end. For example, if an applicant chooses a loan amount of R5400 and loan term of 7 weeks, his payable amount is R6506.13. The fees and charges include the following :
    1. Interest rate of 0.16% per day for new customers and 0.1% per day for existing or subsequent customers. Clients who repays their loans on time enjoy up to 50% discount on the interest rate in their Lime Loyalty Insider Program.
    2. Initial fee : 16.5% of first R1000 lent plus 10% of loan amount over the first R1000 plus VAT. Limited to the lesser of 15% of loan amount plus VAT.
    3. Service Fee :R69 per month
  • Payday : It is the day the loan will be due for repayment. There might some grace period for the client to finish the payment to have a good standing with the loan company.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How Much Loan Amount Does Lime Loan offer?: Lime loans offers a minimum amount of R300 to a maximum amount of R5400
  • What Is the Interest Rate of Lime Loans? Interest rate is 0.16% per day for new customers and 0.1% per dsy for existing customers Interest rates differ from new customers to old (subsequent) customers. However, for those existing customers who repay their debts on time are given interest rate discounts of up to 50% in their subsequent loans.
  • What is the contact number of Lime Loans? The contact number for Lime Loans is 0104426722

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