Capfin Loan Application via Cell Phone 2023

In an attempt to make the loan application process more simpler than usual, Capfin loans application can be done via a cell phone or telephone.

Below, we discuss how to use the cell phone to apply for Capfin loans. Although there are other avenues available to submit loan application.

They have many channels available for which potential applicants who needs cash in times of need or want to start a business but needs capital can easily get in touch and the loan application starts from there.

  • Application through Cell phone call: You can contact Capfin Loans on their customer service center number 087 354 0000 and request loan application, and the process can start from there. Since you will have to submit some documents, you may be redirected to send supporting documents through whichever way possible and convenient to you.
  • Through SMS : You can also get in touch with Capfin Loan through an SMS by sending “HELP” (without quotation marks) to the shortcode : 43679
  • Through USSD code : Capfin understands that, not all may have modern smartphone and have therefore an option for other phones. With USSD code, any GSM powered phone can be used to initiate the application process by dialing the code *120*5566# and it is available on all networks across the country.
  • Please Call Back : This option too is available for potential clients to get in touch with the lending company. In this case, the applicant will fill out the online form with Full Name and Surname together with your phone number and click on the submit button just below. Capfin will call back to that number and the conversation will continue from there. To access this option follow this link and select the “PLEASE CALL ME” option.
  • The official website of Capfin loans offer the simplest way to submit loan application and offers you the opportunity to upload your documents without having to visit their office physically or other partner shops like Ackermans.
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