Why is my srd grant pending? SASSA SRD R350 February 2024

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It has to be noted that the SRD grant does not have automatic approval for those who gave submitted their applications.

Application verification and validation

Once the application is successfully submitted and SASSA confirms it, it has yo go through a series of verification and validation to make sure that the applicant meet the all the requirements or qualifying criteria.

The verifications are done on monthly basis and as such same applicant can be approved in one month but declined in another month or vice versa.

Why is my srd grant pending
Why is my srd grant pending

During the verification period the applicant’s status will show pending indicating that the application is currently under consideration or no final outcome is reached.

When your application is pending, you should not panic and this might take days or weeks before seeing the results and when the outcome is finalized, the application is either approved or declined.

If approved then payment will follow on the said pay dates usually stated on the status. If declined, reason for the decline will also be stated and the applicant is given the chance to appeal within 30 days from the date of the decline.

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Appeal Process

The process to appeal or apply for reconsideration for SASSA SRD R350 grant is discussed in details here.

We have noticed that since August 2021 till date, 1st one to two weeks, applications are usually will be pending till second to third week of the month before outcomes will start appearing and pay dates issued.

But if you been pending for more than a month or so then there is the need to get in contact with the SASSA as early as possible to find out if there is something wrong somewhere which may be hindering the verification or validation process.

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