Referred Status for SASSA SRD R350 grant application Decline February 2024

Are you an applicant for the ongoing reinstated SRD R350 Grant and declined but the reason for the decline is “referred”?

What does that status mean and how do you make an appeal through reconsideration application?

In this article, We explain, from reliable sources such as SASSA, what causes referred status and what you can do about it.

SASSA has explained that these two factors may cause an applicant’s application be declined and labeled as referred :

  • The cell phone number used to submit the application is captured in fraudulent activity ;
  • The ID number submitted by the applicant is also involved in a criminal investigation or activity.

Remember, SASSA does what it calls verification and validation of submitted personal information.

After an applicant has submitted the application, SASSA compares the information with other government agencies such Home Affairs, South Africa Police Service, Department of Labour, etc to make sure applicants duly qualify.

When the applicant’s ID number or phone number is found among fraud or any criminal activity, somehow implicated, the application will be declined and referred.

They ask the appropriate department to investigate the situation and if the affected applicant is consequently cleared then he or she is approved.

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There are two things you can do to appeal that decision either

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  1. My id 8307050306084 since I applied my applications are being referred I then called and I was told to make affidavit and contact SAFPS which I did that and emailed all the documents needed including my id and divorce papers .waited for 2 years still getting referred so I don’t know what to do I called more than 50 and send emails to all email addresses but dololo no help until now .I am out of options I guess it’s time to give up I did everthing they ask of me .


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