SRD Reapplication pending April to June 2022

Yes, for reason best known to SASSA, they decided to rather pay June 2022 and the April 2022 reapplication for srd is rather pending.

It has been in the pending mode since the reapplication most people thought, SASSA should have started payments from the April 2022 but as we write this article, it is still pending.

SASSA has already indicated that April 2022 payment will be made in July and since we are in the first week of the month, we want to believe that SASSA will start approving the grants in no time.

Therefore, if you currently check your status for April 2022 and it is still pending, don’t worry, thus the status for every applicant at the moment. You are not the only one experiencing this.

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  • Why SASSA SRD R350 April and May 2022 are still pending

April 2022 SRD R350 was delayed because of some administrative works which according to SASSA was to tighten the approval procedure to make sure only eligible applicants are this grant.

SASSA has indicated, with the progress of work done, subsequent months will see a smooth run of things because they are putting measures in place that will help speed up the process.

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Finally, if you check your status and you see that you are still pending, then please be patient as it is for the good reasons so that other remaining grants will be paid on time without delay.

However, if you know you have not confirmed your srd application yet, then please go to website address to confirm existing application and submit your bank account details or any payment option available.

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