SASSA SRD R350 Grant Bank Payment Dates Status

Many applicants of the ongoing SRD R350 grants have been approaching me asking when is their pay dates for the grants especially with bank account.

Some also approach for pay dates using their last three digits of their ID numbers such as 080, 081, 082, 083, 084, 085, 086, 087, 088, 089 etc.

In this article I try to explain the above scenarios so that you can always tell when is your pay date whether using bank account or using last three digits of your ID number or possibly post office as collection point.

To start with, let’s begin with those that use bank accounts as their payments method. Fortunately, sassa through their seamless effort, made it possible for applicants to be able to submit their bank account details upfront during the initial application. In this case, applicants will no more have to wait for approval before submitting bank account.

Unlike the previous SASSA SRD R350 GRANT where applicants had to submit their applications before they were able to submit bank account details.

And the windows period was open once in a while to pave way for them to either submit new account details, update or switch to their preferred payment method.

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This time around, applicants can switch, submit, or even update their payments method everyday. It has however be noted that, when the request for payment method is made, the applicant has up to 30 minutes to complete the process otherwise he or she must have to wait twenty four (24) hours before a new request can be made.

The link that will be sent to the applicant’s phone number is unique to the said SRD R350 account and cannot be used for any other grant recipient.

In case you receive the message on a phone which cannot access the internet, you can easily forward it to a new cell phone number preferably smartphone and complete the process there all within the stipulated 30 minutes ultimatum.

After submitting the bank account, bear in mind that it has to go through verification process before payments are made. Just be patient.

SASSA has always cautioned those who wish to use bank account to submit accounts that bears their names as they will accept any other bank account other than the applicant’s own account.

They also advise that, it will be 8n the best interest of the applicant not to be switching accounts anyhow as that may further delay payments.

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Those who are approved and paid through the banks should note that, bank payments are done on the same dates showing up when checking status.

Regardless of your chosen partner banks such as Capitec, TymeBank, ABSA etc, payments are done according to your pay dates not according to the last three digits of your ID number.

Now, for those receiving their payments through the post office, due to the high congestion at various post offices across the country, last three digits system was instituted.

What this means is that applicants who are approved with pay dates can go to the post office to collect their grants depending on the last three digits of their ID numbers. Usually two digits a day for instance 084 and 089 on one day or 081 and 085 on a different day.

Every month the post office releases a timetable for the payments. Click here for January 2022 for Post Office Payments Dates

According to SASSA, only those who receive SMS notification asking them to go to the post office should so, but what has been observed is that, applicants hardly receive SMS meanwhile they are approved and their grants credited.

Post Office Payments can also be made at the Pick & Pay or Boxer Stores with only the ID number and phone number used to apply. You follow a simple onscreen prompts and you are paid.

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  1. How long does Capitec verification take because I have been waiting five months June approved and no pay date September approved and no October approved but no pay date November approved but no pay date and December approved but no pay date

  2. Some of us are needing and depends on the R350,i recieved mine last year July last,iam desperate had to sell some stuff for my meds and to life
    Please SASSA

  3. I am still waiting since last year Feb approved no pay date updated my banking details from capitack howe long must I wait approved but no pay date since last year


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