How To Check Your SRD R350 Balance 2023?

Getting to know your SRD R350 balance is a key way to find out if you still have some money to be collected from the Merchants or your bank account.

It starts with status of your application for the months in question. If you are approved with pay dates or without pay dates can help help you to check your balance in 2023.

Some applicants have in arrears of cash to be collected for which most often they are not aware of. So in this article, we have outlined steps to guide you to know if you have some balance of cash with the SASSA SRD R350 grant.

How to check your srd r350 balance
  • Check your SASSA SRD R350 grant application status using the official website url
  • Choose the month or the months you want to check, and see if you are approved approved with or without pay dates.
  • If approved with pay dates, then look at the dates and cross check if you have collected the amount from either the bank or the post office (or merchants as currently being used).
  • If you are not sure of that, be in touch with your bankers for bank statements or contact merchants for assistance.
  • If you are still not sure, the last resort is to contact SASSA on 0800601011 toll free number to check if payments are made and cashed out. SASSA should be able to tell you if those months are cleared off or not.
  • If they are not, then you can ahead and claim them accordingly with the necessary credentials or valid identification.
  • It has happened that some applicants have no idea, that they have outstanding balance payments yet to be collected. Especially those who appealed their decline status and was later approved.
  • Some have moved on due the unending frustrations of this grant.
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So even if you have appealed and takes months (it took 10 months for last year reconsideration outcome to be paid), you are advised to regularly or from time to time check your appeal status or application status, as things keep changing as the days go by.

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  1. Hello there south Africa my particulars Johnson Bongani Mabopha with Id number (8509015239082) not receiving SRD for 2021,2022 &2023 it says alternative income source , I’m not working since 2020 I was getting UIF from 2020 till 27/03/2021 up my account is insufficient it owes bank is -374,00,when I call 0800601011is unavailable I took cell number of pitse moabi to seek advice from through wattsapp too weeks ago i got no response please help out the with a glue.
    When I go Sasa office they told me to call 0800601011.but can’t get help


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