srd banking details update February 2024


SRD banking details update is more important probably for many reasons.

But if your don’t intend to change your payment method because you have been receiving your payments smoothly, then there’s no need to change it.

Reasons Why You Can Update SRD Banking Details

However, for whatever reason if you decide to update your srd banking details for one of the following reasons :

  • Change of bank account
  • Bank account becomes dormant
  • You don’t use current bank account anymore.
  • There is issue with the account

SASSA has outlined some simple steps to guide any SRD R350 applicant to follow in order to update the SRD banking details.

How to Update SRD Banking Details

  1. Visit the website
  2. Just go down the page, there is one inscription asking you to update your banking details (look at the image above)
  3. Scroll down a bit more, there is space provided for the ID number, enter your 13-digit ID number and click on the submit button just below it.
  4. Immediately, an SMS will be sent to the applicant’s phone number that was used to apply.
  5. When received, quickly click on the link in the message.
  6. It will send you to a web page where you are given the opportunity to update your SRD banking details.
  7. When they talk about the “current payment option”, click on it and update it as you please. (Look at the image below)
  8. When done submit it and a confirmation message will be received indicating successful submission or update.
  9. The applicant must take note that, all bank account details submitted will go through the verification procedure.
  10. SASSA has cautioned applicants not to use someone else’s bank account
SASSA SRD banking details update

If you are an approved beneficiary of the SASSA SRD R350 Grant and you wish to change your banking details, please submit your ID Number below. An SMS containing a secure link, unique to you, will be sent to the mobile phone number with which you registered during application.
Click on the link in the SMS and follow the instructions carefully.
Should you select payment into a bank account, please ensure that you are the owner of the account. SASSA cannot pay your grant into another person’s bank account.
Should you select the money transfer option via one of the major banks, please ensure that the mobile phone number on which you received the SMS is registered in your name. SASSA cannot pay your grant into a mobile phone number which is registered to another person.
Please also note that the new banking details will only be used for future payments, after verification.

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