Why SRD R350 April 2023 Not Showing?

Many applicants of the SASSA SRD R350 Grant wants to know why their April 2023 module is not showing when they check their status.

Applicants need to be aware and informed that, the SRD R350 grant was originally to be ended in March 2023 but the government decided to extend it to March 2024, thus additional one year or 12 months.

Recently, SASSA announced the website (https://srd.sassa.gov.za) for managing the SRD R350 grant was undergoing a maintenance.

The platform has to be reconfigured to accommodate the extension so that each existing applicants can rolled over to the next month thus April 2023.

This is what has caused the delay and for that matter, applicants who reconfirm doesn’t see the April 2023 module on the dashboard unlike the previous era.

Meanwhile, we are very confident that SASSA is working around the clock to make sure that applicants will have best if service when finally ready.

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For this reason, applicants are to be more patient and make sure that all their details especially their banking details are correct, up to date and verified.

This gives an assurance that, when applications are approved, applicants can have their money transferred into their personal bank account.

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