Why Is My SASSA Reconsideration Still Pending? February 2024

The reason why your SASSA reconsideration is still pending can be grouped into two:

  • Because SASSA is yet to review your details submitted and see if your condition may have changed. SASSA goes through a series of checks and balance from various sources especially government agencies and banks and other financial institutions for identity verification and to make sure you do not receive or have any source of income. This might delay the process.
  • There are times where there might be a problem with your submitted documentation and this can also delay and may continue to stay pending for a longer period.
  • One advise is to make sure the information submitted is correct and accurate and if your bank account or other money wallet are being used somebody else, close them.
  • Sometimes, when it seems everyone is approved but yours is still pending, it might be a technical glitch and you may want to contact SASSA on the hotline 0800601011.
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