SASSA Ewallet For SRD R350 Grant Payment February 2024


SASSA Ewallet payments system is where applicants who have registered their sim cards in their official details can receive their payments using their sim through a partner Bank’s ATM.

Why choose Ewallet for SASSA SRD R350 Grant Payment?

It is a more secure and convenient way to collect payments for the ongoing SASSA SRD R350. But because the banks were charging SASSA or frankly put, SASSA decided to bear the cost of the wallet charges the applicants were supposed to pay.

It has to go through negotiation between the National Treasury and the partner banks, there were delays in the approval. Because of this delay, SASSA encouraged applicants to either use their personal bank account details or use a Postbank virtual card account to be able to collect their grants from the retail shops.

SASSA Ewallet For SRD R350 Grant Payment
SASSA Ewallet For SRD R350 Grant Payment


There are still others who couldn’t opt for any of the above-mentioned payment options and are still using the e-wallet account system.

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Recently SASSA released an official statement instructing those who chose e-wallet as their payment method to contact certain banks if only their applications are approved with pay dates including ewallet. FNB in 2023.

Here is the article which covers that statement πŸ‘‰πŸΏπŸ‘‰πŸΏπŸ‘‰πŸΏπŸ‘‰πŸΏ Ewallet Account Users Pin Codes and Banks

In the statement released, partner banks were mentioned including FNB with a telephone number to contact the bank to generate a code for payment.

For instance, you can contact FNB on 0875759405 in connection with your voucher code.


The e-wallet pin or the voucher code is generated by the bank which will give you access to their bank system so that you can collect your grant from the ATM.

how do I get my SASSA e-wallet pin?

To get your SASSA e-wallet pin, you have to contact the partner bank you chose when requesting for e-wallet payment on the SASSA system.

Check the image above for the respective banks and call them right away so that they can generate your PIN for you without further delay.

How to check the SASSA e-wallet balance?

The e-wallet balance can be checked using the pin code or the voucher code that the bank generates for you and used to withdraw or check the available balance.

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How to access the SASSA Ewallet?

To access the SASSA e-wallet, you should have already chosen to be paid through the e-wallet on the SASSA system and your phone number should be registered.

How to Receive SASSA Relief Grant via Ewallet?

First thing first, create a payment method account using the SASSA online platform for SRD R350 by choosing to update banking details.

After entering your ID number, a link will be sent to the number you used to apply with.

Click on that link immediately and choose Ewallet or cash send as payment options. Select the bank you wish to use as a partner bank because you will later need a PIN or voucher code.

Wait for your application to be approved with the pay date.

Go to the bank or call them (check on the image above), they will ask of your basic details and generate the voucher code for you. Thus you will need to collect your SRD R350 payment at the bank or using their ATM.

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