Post Office Not Selected for SRD R350 – What Does That Mean? 2024

Some applicants have expressed concerns over the fact that, when checking their SRD R350 grant application status, they see at the post office field that “not selected” and they are wondering what that means in 2024.

What sassa seeks to do here is to allow each applicant especially those who wish to collect their grants from the Post Office to choose a preferred or particular location of post office, so that they too can be paid at the said post office.

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That is the reason behind and when you visit the official website of the ongoing reinstated SRD R350 grants, there is a place where applicants can choose SAPO location for convenience and collections.

However, if you decide not to choose a specific location, that is where you see the inscription “post office not selected” and in that case, you are at liberty to collect your grants from any SAPO branch of your choice.

Changing or selecting your preferred SAPO branch for outstanding SRD R350 grant payments

  • Click on the link
  • Enter your ID number and the phone number used to apply and click on the “send pin”.
  • Enter the pin received on your phone.
  • Choose a branch nearer to you or more convenient to you and submit. This will help SASSA plan ahead for your payments.
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We would rather encourage applicants to either submit their bank account details upfront when submitting the application or switch to your preferred bank account to avoid the problem associated with overcrowding hours of inconvenience in long queues at the post offices.

Some have shared their ordeals where sometimes after standing in this queues for hours only to be told, they have run out of funds and collectors are asked to come the next day.

In some cases, staff of post office ask applicants to pay R50 as bribe before payments are issued.

But currently, applicants are no longer collecting grants from the post. It is either your personal bank account or retail shops.

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