How to check SASSA balance on phone without airtime

Below is the guide on how to check SASSA grant balance without airtime :

  • Pick any phone handset either from your own or friend or family.
  • Use any phone, either smartphone or ordinary phone.
  • Dial the USSD code *134*7737# and follow the screen prompts to show your balance.
  • If the first USSD code fails, then use this one *120*69277# and follow the screen instructions to check your balance.
  • All these approaches does not need airtime to operate because they are free services.
  • If you receive your grant from the bank, you can get your bank’s USSD code fir checking balance if available to check your bank account balance without airtime.

We know sometimes it can be hard, maybe for a particular time of the day, you may not have any airtime on your phone meanwhile you want to check your #sassa balance to see if you paid.

The USSD code comes handy and very convenient as it does not need any special feature phone to operate.

This is the same process to check your sassa balance on mobile phone for free

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13 thoughts on “How to check SASSA balance on phone without airtime”

      • Hi my name is Samantha davids… son’s sassa grant gold card doesn’t work….the money is in the account but I can’t get it….. yesterday I checked a balance and all the money was gone..the card show’s declined but the money is there

  1. Hi
    I am still waiting for my child support grant.l’have not received yet for this month l really don’t know what to do now

  2. Hi iam Emeldah Gabasie i havent got sassa grant even now when i check the balance its R5. 01 and the card wll expire on June this year. What could be the problem?

  3. Hi there my is tasniqa I lost my sim card that I dd applied for the srd grant relief fund but my main problem is that I don’t no my phme number what must I do can anyone tell me what I must do plz


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