Download the Moya App and Use It For the SASSA SRD R350 Grant February 2024

In recent study published on the Facebook page of Black Sash, a non-profit organization that seeks to promote human rights in South Africa, shows that a large number of SRD applicants are not able to access the SRD website due to a lack of internet data, this is why we are recommending Moya app and use it to manage your SRD R350.

Moya App is a free service platform where users after downloading the app will not need to use internet data. Some government agencies’ online services are available on their platform.

What Moya does is host all these services so that users wouldn’t need a data plan from their respective telecom companies. In South Africa, the following telecom providers are partnered: MTN, VODACOM, Cell C and Telkom.

Download Moya App and Use It For SASSA SRD R350 Grant
Download the Moya App and Use It For the SASSA SRD R350 Grant

Where to download the latest version of the Moya app

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How to use the Moya App for the SASSA SRD R350 grant

  1. After downloading the app from the links provided above and installing it, launch the app just as you do for any new app.
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions and choose appropriately.
  3. Click on the “Discovery” and select SASSA SRD or “SRD Zero Rated”.
  4. It will open the official website of the SRD where you can manage your account with services like applications, checking status, checking or applying reconsideration or cancelling or reinstating cancelled applications etc. You can virtually do anything with the Moya app just as anyone who uses the website through web browsers directly.
moya app datafree
moya app datafree

Moya App Sassa download WhatsApp

Although the Moya is data-free, you will still need internet data to first download it from the Google Play store or Huawei App Gallery from the links provided above.


But what if you don’t have data, you can ask a friend to send the Moya app through WhatsApp sharing or Bluetooth. The app file thus the .apk file, so that you can install and use it. But in all, make sure you are receiving the latest version.

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Using the Moya App To check SRD R350 status

You can use the Moya app downloaded from the links provided above to check your SRD R350 grant application status.

Launch the application but please make sure your internet is working and connected although it will not incur any internet data charges.

Scroll down and look for the place where you are asked to check your application status. Click on it and after it is done loading the page, enter your ID number and the phone number used to submit the application and click on the submit button.

Your status dashboard will show up and you will see if you are approved, pending or declined. Usually, if you are approved, you will see a pay date and the filed date that indicates that your pay date is sanctioned and cleared for payments.

Watch this video for live demonstration >>>>>>>

In case your Moya App stops working, delete the app install an updated one and try again.

Remember, the Moya App can also be used to submit or switch bank account details or change your contact number.

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  1. Why im i declined so many with more than 1 child is getting the 350 grand…my only income + my crandchilds 480 why are u doing this


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