Child Support Grant Top-Up Online Application February 2024


What is the Child Support Grant: It is a new introduction of a top-up scheme for guardians or caregivers who taking care of orphans from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). The amount of the top up is 240 which is added to the current amount of R480. Although the Child grant is being increased to R500, the top up will attract a 50%.

The aim is to help lessen the financial burden faced by relatives and social workers and also reduce the children sent to foster homes.

Documents Needed for the SASSA Child Grant Top-up

Child Support Grant Top-Up Online Application

Applicant should be able to prove that the Child or the children in question are orphans by providing a death certificate or any other legal documents acceptable to prove death of the parent or primary guardian.

How To Apply for SASSA Child Grant Top-up

There are two ways to make an application for this top up namely offline (SASSA Office) and online.

Application At SASSA Offices

Get all documents of the orphan and go any nearest SASSA office and request for a form and fill it. When approved, the child will receive a total of R720 per month.

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Application of SASSA Child Grant Top-up Online

Visit the official website of the online application form for the SASSA and create an account if you have never created account.

Fill out the online application form by providing the necessary documents and wait for approval. After the approval, your next SASSA child grant payment will be effected with the additional amount.

If you are finding it difficult or wants more information on this please contact SASSA on the hotline 0800601011 or send them an email to [email protected]

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