Calls For Total Overhaul of SASSA System Heightened Due System Failure

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has been in the spotlight recently, with many expressing concern about the inefficiencies in its system, which has resulted in some applicants failing to receive their social grants. In particular, there have been reports of problems with the Old Age Pension Grant payments, with many elderly citizens left without the funds they need to survive.

SASSA Old Age Grant Pension Scheme

The current situation is unacceptable, and urgent action is needed to address the problems within the SASSA system. It is time for SASSA, the government, civil societies, and other stakeholders to come together and work towards a solution that ensures that all those who are entitled to social grants receive them promptly and efficiently.

eNCA Report on Difficulties Faced SASSA Grants Recipients

One of the key issues that must be addressed is the outdated technology that SASSA is currently using. The agency’s systems have not kept up with the technological advances of the 21st century, and this is leading to delays and other problems in the grant payment process. It is time for SASSA to invest in modern, efficient technology that can streamline the grant application and payment process, making it easier and quicker for applicants to receive the funds they need.

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Another issue that must be addressed is the lack of transparency within the SASSA system. There have been reports of corruption and other malpractices within the agency, and this is eroding public trust in the system. It is essential that SASSA operates with complete transparency and accountability, ensuring that all processes are open to public scrutiny and that any wrongdoing is swiftly dealt with.

There are also concerns about the communication channels that SASSA uses to interact with applicants. Many elderly citizens struggle with the technology required to access the agency’s online systems, and this can lead to further delays and frustrations. SASSA must ensure that it has accessible communication channels that are easy to use for all applicants, regardless of their age or technological proficiency.

Prez Cyril Ramaphosa gave assurance that grants will be continued

The situation with SASSA’s system is unacceptable, and urgent action is needed to address the inefficiencies that are causing some applicants to fail to receive their social grants. SASSA, the government, civil societies, and other stakeholders must work together to invest in modern technology, ensure transparency and accountability, and provide accessible communication channels. It is time to put the needs of the most vulnerable members of our society first and ensure that they receive the support they need to live with dignity and security.

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