When Will March 2023 SRD R350 Approvals Start?

We understand the importance of the SASSA SRD R350 grants to many of our fellow citizens. This grant, which was first introduced in April 2020 as a relief measure during the COVID-19 pandemic, has helped many South Africans who were struggling financially due to the impact of the pandemic. However, there has been some confusion around when the approvals for this grant will begin, especially since there is no specific payment plan, unlike the regular SASSA grants.

The good news is that SASSA is currently working on the application process for the SRD R350 grant, including means testing to ensure that only qualified applicants are paid. This means that applicants can rest assured that the process is being handled carefully and efficiently to ensure that those who truly need the grant are able to receive it.

So, when will the approvals for the SRD R350 for March 2023 grant begin? Unfortunately, there is no set date for this as it depends on a number of factors. SASSA has said that the approvals will begin as soon as possible, but they have also stressed the importance of ensuring that the process is done correctly to avoid any issues or delays.

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One of the main reasons for the delay in approvals is the means testing process. Means testing is used to determine if an applicant qualifies for the grant based on income and other factors. This is an important step to ensure that the grant is going to those who truly need it, but it does take time to complete.

Another factor that may be causing delays is the sheer number of applications that SASSA has received. Since the start of the pandemic, many South Africans have found themselves struggling financially and have applied for the SRD R350 grant as a means of support. With so many applications to process, it’s understandable that the approvals may take some time.

Despite the delays, it’s important for applicants to remain patient and to continue checking for updates on the SASSA website or through other official channels. It’s also important to ensure that your application is complete and accurate to avoid any issues or delays in the processing of your application.

It’s worth noting that while the SRD R350 grant does not have a specific payment plan like the regular SASSA grants, it is still a valuable source of support for those who need it. The grant is paid out monthly, but it’s important to remember that it is not a permanent source of income and should be used wisely.

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So when the time is due, applicants will start seeing the approvals on their status dashboard.

In conclusion, while it’s understandable that many South Africans are eager to receive the SRD R350 grant, it’s important to remember that the process takes time and that SASSA is working hard to ensure that the grant is being distributed to those who truly need it. Applicants should remain patient and check for updates regularly, and ensure that their application is complete and accurate. With some patience and understanding, we can all work together to get through this challenging time.

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14 thoughts on “When Will March 2023 SRD R350 Approvals Start?”

  1. I am a member who is no longer getting a SRD R350 Grant, reason being, I don’t know, because I am not working at all and I seriously need this money.
    When I reapply the system says, you are Active, meaning my money comes out. Question is, who eats and ate all my monies then for all these years and months.

    • Same thing happened to me i lost all of 2022 payments when i checked with my bank it shows that sassa paid the money into my account but i never recieved it but the money was withdraw at various places all over cape town pls help

    • I don’t have income but i didn’t receive srd from july 2022 i maked a appeal last year november but no respond till today please help iam strggling

  2. Since 2021/03/15 no longer working and no income or UIF but the system decline me that I’m registered to UIF and at UIF office send me back to sassa office so who’s going to erase my name from UIF nd my bank account it’s empty

  3. I don’t understand how I was declined for April,July and November2022,as I am unemployed and had no moni going into my account.But reason for decline was alternate income.I appealed but got same response.i wud like to have proof as to what funds were in my account.

  4. So what is happening with all the appeals from last year April. You say it take 60 to 90 days, but its going almost a year now. How can people be patient when you can’t keep to your word.

  5. My application status is active and I am unemployed, but . What does this mean,: Your application has been approved and your payment date is nul?

  6. There are some amongst us who are just plain frauds. I don’t really know how they get hold of people’s personal information but some how they got it! They go to their local retailers with only an ID number and phone number of their victims. Go to their cashier who don’t even bother to ask for ID just call out the information and Walla just like that they get paid, they eat eat and keep on eating people’s money! That’s where some of the missing people’s money goes!

  7. Nina nibuye nibe zigebengu angiyitholanga imali Yami NGO February,mangiychekha ithi khona imali engenayo but akukho Mali engenayo la ,ngiqale ukuythola last year November okshuthi ngiythole 3 months only ay cha ngiyanivuma sassa nizigebengu.

  8. To me it says source of income an I am unemployed I need the money because last year up to June I received the money after that dololo then again in January Feb dololo aaibo help


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