This Story Of SASSA SRD R350 Applicant Breaks My Heart

The story below was expressed by one applicant on Social Media regarding why SASSA declined her application for the SRD 350 grant simply because, a friend sent her R200.

Sassa is investigating and declining people who have received some sort of financial help, because they are still waiting for the Srd What are people going to eat if no one helps them out when they are in need while waiting for the Srd grant? Are they supposed to starve? It’s clear it’s not a salary they received only a small amount occasionally to tide them over. Do The right thing and give the people what is withheld because of technicality.I had no bread Someone felt sorry and sent me R200 in January they didn’t pay me.That’s so unfair and trivial. Should I have starved Instead of accepting this charity?.These things are once-off and random. By people who care about what happens to less fortunate people. We really struggling

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Unfortunately, SASSA does not give much clarity as to how they draw their conclusions on alternative income source when they decline an applicant. What is even more fascinating is the fact that applicants are not aware as to the time duration the means testing is done, whether it is done the previous month or the current month or whatever.

This has led many applicants in the darkness not knowing what to do.

What is even more troubling are those that are approved many months ago but without pay dates although they have submitted their personal banking details or payment method.

SASSA Hotline is not working, making it difficult to get in touch with SASSA officials.

Source : As Shared Online at South Africa Ask

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