SASSA OTP Code – All You Need To Know

What is SASSA OTP Code?

SASSA OTP (One Time Pin) Code is a computer system-generated code used by SASSA to verify the ownership of SASSA accounts through the mobile phone number (SMS) or email address system. Its main purpose is to provide some form of security to SASSA account holders.

OTP Pin codes have expiry times, meaning the code will expire after not being used for certain amount of time such as 15 minutes or in some cases can take days to expire.

Not only SASSA, but most webmasters use the One Time Pin (OTP) code to make sure that anyone who is either applying or registering or trying to have access to an account is the rightful owner but not someone else trying to have unauthorized access to an account.

SASSA OTP Code – All You Need To Know
SASSA OTP Code – All You Need To Know


The SASSA OTP code usually comes as SMS on the phone number that was used to register the account. Check your SMS inbox to get the six-digit code. In some cases, the code can be sent to a given email instead of SMS. If the phone number is not active, you will not receive the SMS. Always make sure the phone number is active functioning. One thing you also have to make sure is that, your SMS inbox is not full. If the SMS inbox is full, the phone will reject any incoming messages

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In most SASSA applications, this OTP code is sent to the mobile phone number or email address used when submitting the application and the applicant or the registrant may be asked to enter the code somewhere to verify if indeed the applicant has access to the email address or phone number provided.

The applicant is expected to enter correctly the exact digits in the correct order as received. The code is usually a digit and is in numbers, sometimes it could be alphanumeric, thus an alphabet with numbers mixed algorithmically.

When it comes to SRD R350 grants, applications, updating or switching to a new payment option, reconsideration, reinstatement of cancelled applications, etc, Sassa will send the applicant an OTP code. In such cases, SASSA just wants to be sure the original applicant is the one requesting that service.


This is how to use the OTP code received from SASSA

  • Keep the OTP code safe
  • Enter into the space provided and click on the confirm or the YES button.
  • You will be granted permission for entry or you will receive a congratulatory message.
  • Go ahead to do whatever you want to do
  • if wrongly entered, you will be denied access or told to try again or you will have to request a new code.
  • Keep your details safe as the OTP code is a security layer that helps protect your account and secure it.
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Some applicants sometimes complain of receiving multiple OTP codes when they have not requested any services from the SASSA SRD R350 office website.


The SASSA OTP code is also used for withdrawals from the retail shops and sometimes at the bank’s ATM. It is used to confirm whether the person doing the withdrawal transaction is the owner or have legitimate access to the account. Without it, the amount requested will be denied until the correct pin code is provided.

What might account for this could be a result of a system error or possibly someone trying to request a service without the consent or the knowledge of the actual applicant.

If you receive any such OTP code that you have not requested, just ignore them.

What To Do with SASSA OTP Code?

In case, you have received the SASSA OTP code and you are wondering what to do with the code, then this is for you.

  • You may have requested a change of number or service and SASSA is looking for confirmation. Just enter the digits received into the space provided.
  • It could be someone elsewhere is trying to have unauthorised access to your account, SASSA therefore sends the code for confirmation. In that case, just ignore the message and continue to keep your account safe

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