SASSA Collaborates with DSD, Department of Education, and Kouga Municipality to Provide School Uniforms in Sarah Baartman District

In a heartwarming display of collaboration and community support, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), in partnership with the Department of Social Development (DSD), Department of Education, and Kouga Municipality, came together to facilitate the delivery of school uniforms as part of the Back to School Campaign in the Sarah Baartman District.

The event, held on Friday, 2nd February 2024, saw the convergence of key stakeholders dedicated to ensuring that learners have the necessary resources to thrive in their educational journey. Gracing the occasion was the Eastern Cape MEC for Social Development, Bukiwe Fanta, whose presence underscored the importance of initiatives aimed at enhancing access to education and alleviating financial burdens on families.


A total of 139 identified learners from two schools, namely Patensie Agricultural High School and Patensie Primary School, were the beneficiaries of this noble endeavor. These learners, who hail from disadvantaged backgrounds, received support in the form of School Readiness Grants (SRD) to acquire essential school uniforms, enabling them to fully participate in the academic year ahead.

SASSA and DSD Donations

The provision of school uniforms goes beyond meeting basic needs; it symbolizes an investment in the future of these learners, affirming their right to quality education and equal opportunities. By alleviating the financial strain on families, SASSA, together with its partners, is playing a crucial role in breaking down barriers to education and fostering inclusivity within the education system.

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Speaking at the event, MEC Bukiwe Fanta emphasized the significance of collaborative efforts in addressing socio-economic challenges and uplifting communities. She commended the joint initiative between SASSA, DSD, Department of Education, and Kouga Municipality, highlighting the positive impact it has on the lives of vulnerable learners in the Sarah Baartman District.

As South Africa continues its journey towards equitable access to education, initiatives like the Back to School Campaign serve as shining examples of what can be achieved through collective action and shared commitment to the well-being of our nation’s youth. With the support of dedicated partners and stakeholders, SASSA remains steadfast in its mission to empower individuals and communities through social security interventions that promote dignity, resilience, and opportunity for all.

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