SASSA Approved But No Payment Date 2023

If you are an SASSA SRD R350 Grant applicant and were approved in 2023 but no payment then there are few things you will have to do to increase your chances of getting paid.

First of all, make sure your payment option that you are currently using or chosen is verified. Bank account verification can take up to three weeks to four weeks depending on the bank.

Unknown to many applicants, SASSA does not verify bank accounts but they rather submit bank details of those who have been approved to their respective bankers to verify if indeed they (the applicants) are the real owners of bank account details submitted.

SASSA Approved But No Payment Date 2021
SASSA Approved But No Payment Date 2021

SASSA pays the bank for this service. The banks write back to SASSA with a feedback upon which the applicant might see account verified or not.

Remember there are other options available through which applicant can receive payments such as the Retail Shops (formerly Post Office) by choosing the Postbank virtual card account.

Moreover, the Cash Send (ewallet) option is also available. In this case, you use your cellphone account number and choose a partner bank to access your funds. You don’t need to have account with the bank, you only use their card less ATM services. When ready or if approved with pay dates, get in tough with the bank and request for a code to dial and continue the transaction from there. There may be some fees and charges attracted.

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We are currently in 2023, and SASSA may find it difficult to pay outstanding grants which is almost in two years of arrears.

Your last resort is to immediately contact SASSA on the hotline 0800601011 or write to them on email using the address [email protected] and they will get back to you sooner than later.

When calling or sending, make sure you make your ID number handy or indicate it in your email.

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  1. Hello i need help i only get R350 money on 2021 last yr was proving but nothing i get after that declined i don’t know why if i need to register again my number they said is wrong pls help


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