Funza Lushaka Bursary 2024 Applications Now Open

Are you passionate about education and dream of becoming a teacher? The gateway to your teaching career might be closer than you think. The Funza Lushaka Bursary program, a beacon of hope for aspiring educators, is now accepting applications. This fantastic opportunity not only covers your tuition fees but also provides accommodation, learning materials, and a monthly living allowance. If you’re ready to embark on the journey of shaping young minds, read on to discover how you can apply for this remarkable bursary.

The Funza Lushaka Bursary: Your Path to Teaching Excellence

The Funza Lushaka Bursary is a comprehensive financial aid program designed to support individuals who are passionate about teaching and committed to making a difference in South Africa’s education system. Here’s what this bursary covers:

  1. Tuition Fees: Say goodbye to the worry of covering your tuition costs. The Funza Lushaka Bursary takes care of your tuition fees, ensuring that your path to becoming a qualified teacher is financially feasible.
  2. Accommodation and Meals: Education shouldn’t be hampered by accommodation expenses. This bursary provides for your accommodation and even includes meals, so you can focus on your studies without the stress of rent and grocery bills.
  3. Learning Materials: As a future educator, you’ll need access to learning materials to excel in your studies. The Funza Lushaka Bursary ensures you have the necessary resources at your disposal.
  4. Monthly Living Allowance: To support your day-to-day living expenses, the bursary offers a monthly allowance. This stipend ensures that you have the means to cover your personal needs while you concentrate on your studies.

How to Apply for Funza Lushaka Bursary 2024 : Your Roadmap to Success

Getting started with your Funza Lushaka Bursary application is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Online Application Portal: Access the official application portal at
  2. Create an Account: If you haven’t already, you’ll need to create an account on the portal. This account will be your gateway to applying for the bursary.
  3. Complete the Application Form: Fill out the application form, providing accurate information about your qualifications, aspirations, and financial situation.
  4. Attach Required Documents: Be prepared to upload any necessary documents, such as academic transcripts and identification.
  5. Submit Your Application: Once you’ve completed the form and attached the required documents, submit your application through the portal.
  6. Track Your Progress: You can monitor the status of your application on the portal. Stay informed about the progress of your application and any additional steps that may be required.

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Start Your Teaching Journey Today

The Funza Lushaka Bursary program opens doors for aspiring educators, eliminating financial barriers and paving the way for a brighter future. If you’re passionate about teaching and eager to make a meaningful impact on the lives of South African students, don’t miss this incredible opportunity.

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Apply for the Funza Lushaka Bursary now at and take the first step towards becoming a qualified teacher. Your teaching dreams are within reach, and the Funza Lushaka Bursary is here to support you on your journey to excellence in education.

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