ANC is the disaster after A State of Emergency Declared

South Africa is in a state of disaster, but not the kind you think.

You see, the President recently declared a state of national disaster due to the recent flooding in certain parts of the country. But it seems as though the real disaster isn’t the weather – it’s the political party currently in power.

Yes, you guessed it. The ANC has been referred to as a disaster by the people.

The floods have caused quite a bit of damage, but the people seem to believe that the real damage is being done by the ruling party. With the state of the economy, corruption scandals and just overall mismanagement, it’s no surprise that the people are feeling frustrated.

One might even say that the floods were a blessing in disguise, as it gave the people something else to talk about besides the ANC. But let’s be real, the ANC disaster is not something that can be ignored for long.

In any case, it’s a tough time for the nation and one can only hope that the government will step up and do their part in helping those affected by the floods, and also take the necessary steps to address the larger disaster at hand.

But for now, the people will continue to hold their breath and hope that the waters recede as quickly as the current political disaster.

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